‘Rick And Morty’: Unanswered Questions We Have Ahead of Season 6

After the cliffhanger of the last season, Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty has a lot of questions to address before it returns. Throughout the first five seasons of the show, episodic adventures were blended with creating continuity, but the breaking of the central finite curve radically alters how the Smiths can occupy their universe. Although there were no overt stories, only random images, a new teaser suggested some of the tales fans want to see continued may be coming.

However, a two-minute trailer cannot include all the details of a next television season. Here are just a few of the unanswered mysteries from Rick and Morty’s Season 5 finale.

What Is the Egg/Wormageddon About?

A brief advertisement for Adult Swim debuted depicting an egg in a tube filled with green fluid as the surrounding area erupted. The song “For Damaged Coda” by Blonde Redhead, which is connected to Morty the villain (Justin Roiland), crackles in the background as the tube breaks. The video’s title is “A Citadel Secret | Rick and Morty Wormageddon,” by the way.

So, it’s obvious that there are still issues from The Citadel’s destruction that need to be resolved. Rick (also Roiland) did contribute to the creation of the Citadel, however this was not made public until the Season 5 finale, so it’s possible that he is unaware of it. It’s possible that Rick is aware of this egg and realises its danger, or that Rick is aware of the egg but does not consider it to be a severe issue or believes the egg to be a misdirection. This enormous enigma box is shaped like a green egg.

How Will the Breaking of the Finite Curve Affect Rick and Morty’s Adventures?

For now, Rick’s portal fluid is no longer present. Most of the Ricks and most of the Mortys were destroyed when Evil Morty used up all the liquid in the Citadel to escape. While Rick and the Smiths still have some restrictions, they should be able to create more portal fluid and explore other galaxies. The same safety nets that are present in the middle finite curve will not be available to him. The continued existence of these infinite universes without Rick and Morty raises more questions, like how they will function and whether or not the main Rick and Morty will assist them by correcting Rick’s errors.

More crucially, the future of Rick and Morty’s collaboration is in doubt. The previous season’s finale had them attempting to live in a “Ricktatorship” more so than a partnership. That also holds true for the other members of the family, as Rick began to realise that his relationship with Morty and his family was a toxic means of coping with his guilt and humiliation over not receiving closure from the Rick who killed Diane. He initially joined the crows for this reason, in part. By enlisting Morty’s aid to flee the crumbling Citadel last season, Rick took the first step toward a more positive working relationship. It will be fascinating to watch how the series balances the requirement for character development with having some sort of adventure given its episodic inclinations.

How is Rick Going to Cope Without Being “Smartest Man in the Universe”?

For the past five seasons, Rick has been travelling in a, for lack of a better term, “crib.” He would suffer little to no repercussions whether he lived in one universe or all of them and kept killing other planets. He now has more adversaries to deal with. It’s more thrilling now that Rick might no longer be the “smartest man in the universe.”

Rick will not only face additional repercussions for making an effort to be responsible and decent to his family, but he will also have to deal with a world in which he cannot simply keep screwing up, finding out, and screwing up again. Additionally, it creates the potential for stronger adversaries and allies to emerge. What surprises may the Smiths expect?

Which enduring off-screen “Smith” family members will make an appearance?

Since Naruto has made several appearances in the most recent season, I’ve included him here. He is currently just drifting in space, but he could always return to help if the Smiths find themselves in a sticky situation and require a huge infant or toddler (side note: how quickly do giant humans grow in this universe?).

Space Beth is the primary cause for concern in this category (Sarah Chalke). Aside from a brief cameo in the most recent season, Harmon and crew have not given her much screen time since her reveal in the Season 4 finale. The latest video does include two images of Space Beth interacting with the rest of the Smith family, including one in which the family is piloting a ship. What role will she play in a possibly changing family dynamic?

Oh, and let’s give Morty Jr. a short shoutout because he exists. Do you recall Morty Jr.

Will Evil Morty be back?

It’s likely that Evil Morty won’t appear in the upcoming season or ever. He missed his first two seasons of action and did not significantly reappear in the scene until two seasons later (he had a brief cameo in the story train episode which served more as trailer fodder).

However, Evil Morty helped to shape the way the programme is now. He not only destroyed the finite curve, but he also made Rick and Morty reconcile their past differences. Rick’s entire past, including how he originally became involved with the Citadel and how it evolved into a Morty manufacturing facility to protect Ricks, was ultimately revealed by him. Not to add that he forced Rick to reveal that his only goal was to see Morty again after the crows dumped him. He essentially forced Rick to accept his toxic nature or perish. Whether Evil Morty comes in a few episodes or not, his influence will stay on the show.

And where did Evil Morty go in terms of travel? What was beyond his yellow portal? How many realities has Rick not yet touched? Perhaps the secret to interdimensional travel without the curve is in his portal fluid.

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