P-valley Season 2, Episode 10 Recap – The Ending Explained

Review of P-Valley season 2, episode 10: explanation of the conclusion

Spoilers are included in this recap of P-Valley season 2, episode 10, “Mississippi Rule,” including a discussion of how the season ends. By clicking these words, you may see what we thought of the last episode.

“Mississippi Rule” doesn’t waste any time in picking up where we last left off. The results of Chucalissa’s mayoral election and Lil Murda’s brief collapse following the brawl in the Pynk are of the utmost importance right away. In the season finale, both are resolved rather quickly.

Review of P-Valley season 2, episode 10

The politics will be discussed first. Britney was not happy when Andre and Hailey found her sitting there when they got home last week. She is still quite adamant about being in love with her husband, or at least the version of him she married, which Andre reminds her might not be the actual one. Despite the fact that she has engaged in extramarital affairs, Andre points out that she doesn’t really have a case to make. In either case, they have to portray the Barack and Michelle, or as Corbin refers to them, happy families, when Andre stands up in front of the assembled media and makes a statement regarding the new mayor-elect. Woodbine, Patrice.

Yes, Patrice came in first place. Although Britney is forced to stand there and smile through it, Andre doesn’t view it as a major setback and says that he is returning to his hometown to start a new law firm just next to her.

However, Lil Murda. He enters the stage and cuts the music before singing the first line of his song “Seven Pounds of Pressure” acapella and directing it directly towards Mane, who is front and centre in the audience, after gazing at all the reflections of himself that were in the broken backstage mirror. You already understand what this means, and the lyrics aren’t particularly subtle either – Murda is practically declaring Pico’s demise. That will receive a response. It’s also unlikely that any of it will be excused on the basis of artistic licence, even as Mercedes performs on stage alongside Murda and they both put on a wild display.

In fact, Lil Murda is quickly brought back to reality. The good news that Ernestine survived her encounter with Covid-19 is balanced by the bad news that Murda is about to embark on tour. When he and Mercedes enter the dressing room, they discover Uncle Clifford inconsolable. Clifford breaks up with Murda, knowing that he shouldn’t be confined to the “cage” of Chucalissa but also, on some level, knowing that he probably won’t ever become the star he could be if the world knew who At least now that Farrah is sending her royalties for utilising Mercedes’ image in her photography exhibit, things are looking up for Mercedes. She uses them to decorate the walls of her gym as she prepares to reopen it, and Patrice just so happens to appear with wonderful news: Terricka’s mother Shelle has gone into treatment and left her in Patrice’s care; Patrice is allowing Terricka to stay with Mercedes in her place.

On the other hand, Hailey isn’t having a great episode. After the strange whipping distraction in the previous episode, it becomes clear that Clifford only used Corbin’s sexual transgressions as a means of striking a bargain with him and Wayne in secret. In order to build a casino, a canal from the Mississippi to the Kyle’s doorstep is being constructed, which thwarts Hailey’s intentions to sell The Pynk for a nice $10 million. She currently has no rights other than the $250,000 that Corbin gave to Clifford. Cliff is willing to return that money to her in exchange for exclusive control of the Pynk, and as Hailey deliberately prioritised her career over the club and the people in it, she has no one with whom to argue her case.

The same thing happens to Keyshawn’s escape plan when she travels to her sister’s house to pick up the kids only to find that Derrick already has them. When she comes home, Mississippi Child Services is looking into her due to the proof of child abuse that Derrick did against their children. Infuriated by Derrick’s arrogant expression in this scene, Keyshawn loses it entirely and just makes things worse by hitting him. Surely this man will experience a tragic event soon?

The Pynk, where Ernestine has planned her own welcome-home celebration, is the only place to go, as usual. It’s also a formula for disaster because Murda is present, and we already know that Mane is chasing him after telling Mercedes bluntly to watch her back. In an extremely emotional conversation with Clifford, Murda confesses that he has cancelled his tour in order to be with Cliff, at least in part. However, there are more pressing issues at hand. Cliff hides in the narcotics that Big L was originally not authorised to possess at the club after Big L announces that Hailey has empty the Pynks’ bank accounts. She stumbles onto the dance floor where she runs into Lil Murda, dancing with him and publicly kissing him. Nobody appears to care.

However, the season comes to a disappointing conclusion when Diamond, whom Keyshawn hired to handle her relationship with Derrick, is abducted.

Mississippi Rule, the tenth episode of P-Valley season 2, is only available on Starz. What did you think of the Season 2 finale of P-Valley? Please tell us in the comments.

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