Anne Heche’s Ex Coley Laffoon Promises to Look After Their Son in Emotional Video Following Her Death

In an emotional video, Anne Heche’s ex-boyfriend Coley Laffoon promises to take care of their son after she passes away.

After Anne Heche passed away, Coley Laffoon is paying her respects. On Friday, the late actress’ ex-husband posted on Instagram to honour Heche and make a commitment to take care of their son.

Homer, a son of Laffoon and Heche, who were wed from 2001 to 2009, is now 20 years old. Heche, who passed away on Friday after being involved in a fiery car accident the week before, also had a son, Atlas, who is now 13 years old, from a previous relationship with James Tupper.

“I just wanted to say a few things following Anne’s passing. One, I miss her and always will because I loved her. Homer is fine, “According to Laffoon’s video. “Of course, he is grieving, and it is difficult. It’s very difficult, as anyone can probably imagine, but he is supported by family, strong, and will survive.”

“So thank you to everyone who checked in, showed us your heart, prayed for us, and everything else. It’s really lovely. I’m grateful “He went on. “It’s tough for me, tough for my family, tough for Homer, but we have each other and a lot of support, so we’re going to be OK,” she said.

Now, Heche is “free from pain, and enjoying or experiencing whatever’s next in her journey,” Laffoon said.

“She arrived in a hurry and was very talkative. She had a strong love for us, was brave and fearless, and was never afraid to express what she [thought], what she believed in, “Laffoon was sadly missed. “Always, there was love. Love was the central theme.”

Laffoon ended his video with these moving words: “Hello, Anne. adore you I’m grateful. I appreciate all the enjoyable times. There were numerous. On the other side, see you. In the interim, I picked up our son. He will be okay. adore you”

Laffoon also shared a vintage image of Heche holding their son when he was a baby along with the tearjerking video.

Laffoon captioned the picture, saying, “It’s important to remember the real love in the best times.” “Many thanks, Anne. Good luck on your travels.”

After Heche passed away, Homer issued a statement of his own.

He told ET, “My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. “I am left with a profound, indescribable sadness following six days of nearly unbelievable emotional ups and downs. I’m hoping my mom is no longer in pain and is starting to experience what I like to think of as her eternal freedom.”

Thousands of my friends, family, and fans reached out to me over the course of those six days, he continued. “I’m appreciative of their support as well as that of my stepmother Alexi and father Coley, who continue to be my pillars of strength during this trying time. Mom, I love you, rest in peace “‘

Heche’s representative has since informed ET that although the actress’ heart is still beating, she is legally considered dead in California because of brain death. According to her rep, Heche was an organ donor, so doctors are attempting to determine whether her organs are still viable before turning off her life support.

Heche’s representative issued the following statement to ET: “Today we lost a bright light, a kind and most joyful soul, a loving mother, and a loyal friend.” “Although Anne will be sorely missed, she continues to influence society through her endearing sons, legendary body of work, and fierce advocacy. Her courage in always speaking te truth and spreading her message of acceptance and love will have an everlasting effect.”

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