When will MultiVersus Season 1 be released? Here are some details

Since the game’s release in open beta last month, MultiVersus Season 1 is the most significant upgrade.

With the upcoming MultiVersus season, there will be an additional 17 fighters to choose from. Not only that, but there will also be additional modes, cosmetics, and a battle pass to complete.

Here is the release date and what to anticipate from MultiVersus Season 1.

When is the premiere of MultiVersus Season 1? Release date for Season 1 of MultiVersus

The first season of MultiVersus will debut on Monday, August 15.

You can anticipate it at the following times, even if there hasn’t been a full confirmation of a release date, based on the open beta timings and also a note from Player First Games co-founder Tony Huynh:

UK: 6pm (BST)

Europe: 7 p.m. (CEST)

Eastern Coast US: 1pm (EDT)

Pacific Coast US: 10am (PDT)

As with many online games, there may be adjustments or delays as the debut date approaches. You can read the MultiVersus patch notes and observe Tony Huynh’s announcement regarding the release timing here while you wait:

What will Season 1 of MultiVersus bring?

Morty, the first DLC character to be added to MultiVersus, is the main attraction of Season 1. There are plenty additional new modes and aesthetics to test out as well. The contents of MultiVersus Season 1 are as follows:

fresh figures (Morty – due out August 23rd, Rick – TBC)

traditional arcade mode

modern cosmetics (icons, banners, variants)

Sorted order

It’s important to note that even though Rick Sanchez is shown in the tweet up top, we are unsure of his exact launch date. He and Morty will probably be released as part of Season 1 given that he has been featured in the Season 1 promotion. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

That is all there is to know at this time about MultiVersus Season 1. Check out our MultiVersus tier list to see how we ranked each fighter in the meantime.

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