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Jay Briscoe – ROH Hall of Fame Inductee

Jay Briscoe was a professional wrestler and part of the legendary Briscoe Brothers tag team. The two brothers competed in Ring of Honor (ROH) for over twenty years. They held thirteen ROH World Tag Team Championships and were inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame in 2022. However, they recently lost their title to So Cal Uncensored.

The Briscoes had a successful wrestling career in several independent promotions. Their popularity has recently increased in recent months. As a result of that, they earned a title shot at the All-Star Extravaganza. In fact, the Briscoes was ranked third in the PWI Tag Team 50 for 2022. They also won the PWI Tag Team Of The Year award in 2007.Jay Briscoe - ROH Hall of Fame Inductee (1)

They were the first to use outward heels in ROH. It’s no secret that their match with FTR at the ROH Final Battle last month was one of the best matches of the year. However, their feud with FTR was far from over. The feud continued through the end of 2018. This was the most memorable part of their run in ROH.

Aside from their feud with the FTR, the Briscoes was also the subject of a great tag team match of their own. On May 2, 2010, they won the best match of their career, a tag-team match with Toru Yano. At the time, the Briscoes was one of the most successful and popular tag teams in the history of Ring of Honor. They also beat out other tag teams such as the Young Bucks, Kushida, and Jay White.

The Briscoes were also in the ring for a tag team match with LAX at JAPW’s 11th anniversary show. At that match, they defeated the Prophecy team of Dan Maff and B. J. Whitmer. The match also featured a surprise guest in the form of Jay White.

In addition to their tag-team career, the Briscoes also performed as a singles competitor. Although they had some success in the ring, the duo’s most impressive moment came on the road to ROH’s Chicago area debut. When they won the tag team title against CM Punk and Colt Cabana, they secured their place in ROH’s history. Unfortunately, their reign was cut short when they lost to the same pair in the main event of the Death Before Dishonor II part 1.

For a long time, the Briscoes was one tag team that many other tag teams tried to emulate. In fact, the two brothers were considered to be one of the most dominant tag teams in the world. During their ROH career, they held the ROH World Tag Team Title for a combined total of 1,413 days. In fact, they have the longest tenure as the ROH World Tag Team Champions in the company’s history. And if they had one more win to add to their repertoire, they would have held the title for a record 13 consecutive years.

Despite the fact that Jay Briscoe passed away on Tuesday, he did leave behind a legacy that will continue to be felt by the fans. He is remembered for his amazing ROH tag team performances, and he won the ROH World Tag Team title for a record thirteen consecutive years.



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