Body Found in Newport Identified as Missing Swimmer

Body Found in Newport Identified as Missing Swimmer:-  The body discovered near Brenton Point Park has been identified as Dexter Gutierrez Matias, a 20-year-old from East Providence. Matias went missing on June 23rd while swimming near the rocky area called 12 O’Clock High. Despite extensive search efforts, including Coast Guard units and Newport Police, he could not be found.

Matias was enjoying the day at the beach with friends, practising swimming to teach his son. He was swept away by a rip current while standing in knee-deep water. The state medical examiner is confirming the identity and cause of death.

The tragic event has left the community mourning the loss of Dexter Gutierrez Matias. Friends and family remember him as a dedicated father and a passionate swimmer who enjoyed spending time at the beach. Local authorities are using this incident to highlight the dangers of rip currents and the importance of water safety. Efforts to enhance beach safety measures, including better signage and increased lifeguard presence, are underway. The community is encouraged to stay informed about water conditions and exercise caution when swimming in the ocean.

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Matias’ disappearance has brought attention to the perilous nature of rip currents, particularly in areas with rocky terrains like 12 O’Clock High. The Newport Police Department emphasized the importance of respecting the ocean’s power, even in seemingly shallow waters. In response to this tragedy, Newport authorities are evaluating current beach safety protocols, considering enhancements such as more prominent warning signs and increased patrolling by lifeguards.

The community has rallied in support of Matias’ family, offering condolences and organizing memorials to honour his memory.

The local community has been profoundly affected by the tragic death of Dexter Gutierrez Matias. Vigils and memorial services are being organized to honour his life and support his grieving family.

Newport officials are taking proactive steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. This includes increased public education about rip currents, installing more visible warning signs, and ensuring lifeguards are well-equipped and trained to handle emergencies.

Residents and visitors are urged to heed safety warnings and stay informed about ocean conditions.


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