Love Island Season 9 Episode 4 Recap

Love Island season 9 is now in its fourth episode. The new islanders arrived in the villa with much swagger. Weston and Emily made it to the final four and landed in fourth place. They have every intention of riding off into the sunset together.

The first pair of newcomers to enter the villa was David and Zara. In their time in the villa, they developed a romance with each other. On the other hand, Tasha and Andrew are wrapped in a whirlwind of love.

Another exciting development in the Villa is the arrival of two sexy boys. Tom Clare is a semi-pro footballer from Barnsley. He’s a free spirit who’s been on the pitch for a few seasons and has a great sense of humour. His girlfriend Olivia has also been a big fan of his game. However, it turns out that the real test of a relationship is how the couples interact when they are introduced to each other’s families.

For the first time on the show, the public was allowed to vote for their favorite couple. As you may recall, Caro and Cormac were the second placed couple in the contest. Their bond was strong enough to warrant their stay in the Villa. It turns out that they’ve been developing feelings for each other since the show’s start.

Of course, we can’t forget the fact that the Islanders got to participate in the Mile High challenge. Not only did they get to test their physical prowess, but they also copped some good feels. There’s more to come in the upcoming episode.

The girls also took part in a number of fun activities. The first challenge was to name a couple of things. This one was a surprisingly enlightening moment. While the Islanders paired up, they each got to choose a boy.

There’s more to Love Island Season 9 than just a slew of sexy boys. The Islanders are taking part in a 2022 version of the same talent show. In addition to this, the villa is also receiving a new set of social media guidelines for the 2023 contestants.

Luckily, we’ll see how the rest of the season goes! You can check out the latest episodes on CBS or CBS All Access. These shows air nightly. Hopefully you’ve already subscribed to a streaming service, but if not, you can still watch them on the free ITV2 channel. Just make sure to have a UK postcode!

During Episode 4, the main Villa also learned about the merits of Love Island’s new ‘Girl Power’ competition. Although it was a small one, it gave everyone the opportunity to show off their skills.

As the new batch of Islanders starts to settle into the Villa, we’re expecting to see a lot of action. With only a few days under their belts, it’s too early to say which couples will make it to the end of the road and which will be snuffed out of the game.

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