Bob Saget’s death has been linked to head trauma according to new information.

In the wake of Bob Saget’s passing, the cause of death has been revealed. The beloved ‘Full House’ performer died after suffering a head injury. No specifics about the trauma have been provided. On Wednesday, the late actor’s family sent a statement to Page Six revealing the cause of his death.

Following Bob Saget’s death, they got an outpouring of support from his admirers, and they wanted to express their thanks by thanking them for their kindness. Their love and support have much aided them during this challenging period. For their love and support, they are very thankful. They’ve got the final report from the team looking into Bob’s death. Also, they believe that letting his followers hear the news directly from his family members will make it more personal for them. According to the group in charge of the investigation, Bob Saget died due to a trauma to the head. A study by the authorities has concluded that the man somehow slammed his skull against the back of his head and went to sleep, ignoring the injury. It was determined that no drugs or alcohol had been used in the investigation.

They asked that we all remember him for the joy and love he brought to our lives, and so we are doing so at his behest. We should heed his advice to be nice to everyone, tell those we care about how much they mean to us, and persevere through adversity with a smile on our faces. Meanwhile, those familiar with the matter informed TMZ that Bob Saget died due to internal bleeding in his brain. There was a bruise on the back of his skull as well, they said. In Orlando, the death of Bob Saget was found on January 9th in his room. By that point, the investigation team has concluded that they have uncovered no evidence of drug or alcohol abuse. They further stated that his death was not a result of any criminal activity.

It was just a matter of time until the family of the deceased star verified the news. They said they were devastated to learn about Bob Saget’s death in a statement. Family and friends released a report with Page Six about how much they loved him and cared about his followers. He enjoyed doing what he was best at and bringing people together through laughter and love. Even though they are demanding a private area, they also urged everyone to remember Bob with the love he sought to bring to this world. Fans, including Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, have spoken out about their shock and sadness at the news of his passing.

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