Fans are miffed that Spider-Man: No Way Home isn’t up for a Best Picture Oscar

Unfortunately, Spider-Man No Way Home did not receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. It came as a surprise to the crowd. That choice has no doubt angered the audience members in the room. We couldn’t deny that we were all cheering for the Marvel film. The MCU has high hopes for the film as well. Despite the epidemic, the film has performed extraordinarily well in the theatres. No one knows why it was not nominated for the most coveted prize, but the fans are furious about it. Fans are miffed that Spider-Man: No Way Home isn’t up for a Best Picture Oscar

Detailed information about Spider-Man: No Way Home.

No Way Home is one of the greatest Marvel films ever made. The entire plot of the film enthralled moviegoers. In the movie, the focus was on Tom Holland’s performance. It was the first time in Spider-Man history where all three of the Spider-Mans from the three different series were shown together. Fans were amazed by the idea of creating several versions of the same game. After only a week of release, the film became a huge box office success for Marvel Studios. All of the film’s scripting is done unusually.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland performed an admirable job. It has an IMDb score of 8.7. Critics were largely unimpressed with the film. The movie was also a massive hit among Marvel fans. Everything in Spider-Man No Way Home, from the visuals to the tale to the chemistry between the characters, was on target. The film’s flaws are few and far between. The film had a lot of expectations from Marvel. There was a big following for Spider-Man No Way Home. The tale enthralled us. Marvel and Sony were eager to see the film recognized, much like the fans. But, surprisingly, it wasn’t on the list.

Why is Spider-Man: No Way Home not up for a Best Picture Oscar? asks one fan.

Does the panel have an ulterior motive? On the other hand, fans believe that the Oscars of 2022 were unjust to Marvel Studios, particularly in the instance of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Oscars in 2022 have disappointed many fans. Marvel Studios also expressed dissatisfaction with the nominations, although they had no say. Under the Best Visual Effects category, Spider-Man No Way Home was nominated. That so, the pool of genuinely memorable animated films is already deep. Seeing the Marvel movie win the Best Picture Award was a dream come true for everyone. The Academy Awards Selector’s Panel is bound to enrage fans. Even though Don’t Look Up and Dune were both nominated for the night’s most coveted prize, they missed out on the most considerable Marvel success of the year.

Indeed, Spider-Man No Way Home lost out on the opportunity. Many are saying that the results were skewed. In general, the movie was well-received by the crowd. As a result, they were excited about the Oscars in 2022. However, the outcomes dismayed the global audience. On the panel, the fans are enraged. Nominations for the Oscars in 2022 have not met our expectations. Cinemagoers are still flocking to see the film. That’s all for now; to remain up to current on all things cinematic, check back right here.

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