Kardashian-Jenner Responds to Kanye West’s ATTACKS on North West TikTok Controversy

Kim and Kanye are no longer together. The pair have recently been spotted fighting over their daughter, North. We’ll learn more about the continuous feud between these two families in this piece.

Kanye West recently shared North West’s TikTok video. As a result, he voiced his discontent. When his kid was put on TikTok without his consent, he took to social media to complain about it. He is adamantly opposed to it and is working to put an end to it. Kanye West doesn’t want his daughter to be on social media platforms. Kim Kardashian maintained her silence after this comment. She singled out Kanye West by name in a recent social media post. When Kanye insults her in interviews and on social media, she claims, she takes it as a personal attack. Kanye’s remarks against her have harmed her more than the TikTok videos her kid has made, she said in her article. She claims to be the primary breadwinner in the family and that her daughter North West, who is currently in the video production business, works under her supervision. For her kid to express herself, she can film herself making movies since it makes her happy.

Her divorce, which she resisted for an extended period, was also discussed. As she put it, Kanye’s presence serves to exacerbate the already terrible situation she and her children find themselves in after their divorce. She wants Kanye West to keep this confidential, and she hopes he will reciprocate. Kim and their children aren’t happy with Kanye West’s overbearing parenting style. Kanye West reacted quickly. He shared a copy of Kim’s message, and she was asked about the primary provider. On Chicago’s birthday, he again criticized Kim for not allowing him to join her and her family. Kanye West was not invited to Chicago’s fourth birthday party by her mother. Kim Kardashian’s chief marketing officer, Tracy Romulus, was also slammed by Kanye West. He begged her to refrain from using Kim as a pawn.

In August of last year, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West ended their relationship. Kim Kardashian did not make a big deal out of her split from Kanye West. He was never shy about talking about his divorce and children in interviews, unlike Kanye West. Things took a turn for the worst this time. In their personal lives, both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have progressed. SNL comic Pete Davidson is said to be dating Kim Kardashian. On a recent beach trip, the two could spend some quality time together. Both of them have been spending a lot of time together, and they’ve also been talking about their relationship in public. Actress Julia Fox is currently dating rapper Kanye West. The pair recently attended Paris Fashion Week. Kim Kardashian’s former husband, Kanye West, has been accused of influencing Julia Fox’s fashion and style. At this point, it appears like Kanye West hasn’t let go of the past.

On May 24, 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became husband and wife. Together, the couple is the mother of four young people. As of 2013, North West was the couple’s eldest child. Saint, their 2015 son, is their second kid. Chicago was born in 2018 as the family’s third child. In 2019, they became parents to a son they named Psalm for the fourth time. Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West is co-parenting their children following their divorce. However, it appears that the two are now unable to handle their affairs well.

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