What Time Will ‘South Park’ Season 25 Episode 4 Premiere on Comedy Central?

What better way to spend a Wednesday than to upset yourself with cartoons? The newest episode of South Park premieres tonight. And since a full orchestral performance of “Chocolate Salty Balls” teased this one, it’s time to increase those aspirations.

Season 25 has been a little different from previous seasons. Whereas new seasons of South Park usually include ten episodes, just six have been revealed so far, and we’re on the other side of those six. Do you want to know when and how to watch South Park Season 25 Episode 4? We’ve got your back.

When is the premiere of South Park Season 25, Episode 4?

You’ve mastered the technique. South Park premieres new episodes every Wednesday at 8/7c on Comedy Central.

How to Watch New South Park Episodes

Do you want to see the premiere of the new season live? Because this is a Comedy Central original, you’ll need a cable subscription to see it. You’ll be OK as long as your TV is tuned to the channel before 8 p.m. ET. But what if you’ll be gone from home for a while? You can watch Comedy Central live from practically anywhere by using your cable account and password.

Is there anybody here that wants to cut the cable? You can still watch South Park, thanks to the world of live TV skinny bundles. Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV all offer Comedy Central packages.

What if you don’t qualify for any of these options? There’s one more option to see new South Park episodes without spending a penny. South Park Studios, which is completely free to watch, will be updated with new episodes. They’ll also be accessible on HBO Max, so if you have that, you’ll have two options for watching.

Will South Park Season 25 be released on Hulu?

No. The show was taken down from Hulu in 2020. This raucous TV mainstay is now only available on HBO Max.

Will South Park Season 25 premiere on Paramount+?

That’s another no, albeit this one is a little more perplexing. The streaming rights to South Park the series are now held by HBO Max. However, 14 unique specials are available via Paramount+. We’ve already seen two of them, so there will be a total of 12 in the coming years. Basically, HBO Max is your best chance if you want to watch South Park on a streaming provider.

Will HBO Max show Season 25 of South Park?

Yes. This is because HBO Max is one of only two streaming services with series rights. However, here is where things become a bit tricky. Last season, Comedy Central premiered new episodes of South Park the day after they aired on HBO Max. There will be a few days of waiting this time. If you don’t see Episode 4 right away, come back in a day or two.

That takes care of one streaming service, but what about the other South Park hangout? The company’s name is South Park Studios. A new episode becomes available for download the day after it airs. But proceed with caution. Because South Park Studios is infamous for hiding certain episodes behind a cable login, view Season 25 as soon as possible.

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