What May Be Ahead For “The White Lotus” Season 3?

If you were a part of the “White Lotus” cultural phenomenon, you most likely have devoured this weekend’s Season 2 finale and are eagerly awaiting any information about the third season of the HBO series.

Mike White, the show’s creator, offered a post-credits interview that broke down the episode after the shocking events of the finale. White shepherded the initially one-off limited series to a multiple Emmy-winning programme that has caught the zeitgeist. He made more predictions about the setting and subject matter for Season 3. (Warner Bros. Discovery, which shares a parent corporation with CNN, is that organisation.)

The first season sort of focused on money, but the second season was all about sex, according to White. The third season, in my opinion, might take a sarcastic and humorous look at death as well as Eastern religion and spirituality. To play another round of “White Lotus” has the feeling of being like weaving a magnificent tapestry. (The bawdy action in this season’s episode is set in Sicily; season one of the show was set in Hawaii.)

White has provided further hints for the upcoming season of “Lotus,” which has already travelled halfway around the globe, from the Pacific to the Mediterranean.

“I feel like seeing a completely new continent would be exciting. We did Europe, and we might do Asia, something insane like that, that would be interesting,” White said to Deadline in October, going on to cite Japan as a potential location for the third opulent White Lotus resort.

Another potential cue may be found in the Season 2 finale, when Daphne (Meghann Fahy), in a toast, declares, “Next year, the Maldives!” with her three (mainly unwelcome) travelling companions at a horribly uncomfortable supper.

In the post-finale interview this past weekend, White also discussed the devastating demise of fan favourite Tanya McQuoid, who was portrayed by Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge, and how the consequences of it could affect certain returning characters in Season 3.

“It’s conceivable that Portia, Tanya’s personal assistant, portrayed by Haley Lu Richardson, is afraid enough to leave it alone, but given that all of those people perish on the boat, it seems like Greg will be found out somehow (Jon Gries). Perhaps, though, you’ll have to wait to find out what transpires,” he said.

Gries and Coolidge were the only two cast members from Season 1 to return for the sequel. It will be intriguing to see how Gries’ character Greg handles the sticky situation that was left at the end of this season, which strongly implied that he had planned his wife’s (ultimately botched) murder from a distance in order to obtain her money.

Richardson’s Portia, however, has a good chance of making a comeback as well because, even if Jack’s (Leo Woodall) warning scares her away, authorities would undoubtedly approach her for an interview during their investigation following the finale because she was listed as a visitor at the White Lotus in Sicily under Tanya’s reservation.

Even while it is unknown which cast members will return for Season 3, White told Deadline that he believes believe “it’s fun to have somebody back” from each season.

Regardless of whether Richardson decides to return, she has her own suggestions for new cast members for the third season, telling Today this week that Jamie Lee Curtis would be her choice for a new White Lotus guest.

Richardson described the “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” actress who is up for a Golden Globe as being “just so crazy.”

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