Invincible Announces the Season 2 Schedule

Despite Amazon’s pledge to at least two more seasons of the renowned, animated superhero drama Invincible, it has been more than a year since the season one conclusion of the programme aired, and there has yet to be any official word about a second season. That will soon change, as a social media post from today made the oblique promise that an upgrade would be released in January 2023. During its brief first season, the gory series shot to fame, following in the footsteps of The Boys, a similarly violent superhero drama that has now emerged as Prime Video’s signature programme.

Based on the enduring superhero comic created by Image Comics, Skybound, Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, Invincible is an adult animated series from Prime Video.

This is the final month without a Season 2 update for you, according to the Invincible HQ Twitter account.

In comparison to Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, which had significant revisions from the start of the long-running AMC programme, the series is being adapted considerably more authentically.

Kirkman stated to ComicBook.com last year that “[Invincible] sometimes replicates the comic book extremely accurately, and other times it changes tremendously.” “I believe that the first seven are mostly unique to the series. Large portions of every episode are not at all present in the comics. Even the first and eighth episodes, which I authored and so feel like veered a little bit closer to the comics than some of the other episodes, include substantial sections that are entirely unique to the show. However, I believe that because it is so constant and because some people haven’t read the comics in a while, they automatically think, “Oh yes. This closely resembles comic books. Therefore, I believe that some people mistakenly believe that it is somewhat more similar to the comic than it is. Additionally, after working on The Walking Dead for a very long time and always being the person in the room who says, “No, let’s fix it,” Let’s eliminate this person. Since I had been there for such a long time and was still actively working on The Walking Dead [as a comic], I was always striving to modify things as much as I could. I was also tired with the source material. So I thought, “Oh my God, can we just do something else?””

“If it’s not broken, don’t repair it,” I’m trying to convince myself as I take a slightly different approach to Invincible. Kirkman went on. “My major objective is to heighten and extend situations in interesting ways. In Episode 8’s fighting scenes, I believe you will see a lot of that. The comic book series doesn’t yet have a large cast of characters. There are other more elements that I include along the way that, in my opinion, enhance the conflict without materially altering how the story unfolds from what is depicted in the comics. And so, in my opinion, that pays homage to the original work while also coolly extending and building upon it.”



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