Welcome to Eden season 2 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Since the first riveting episode of Welcome to Eden aired on Netflix on May 6, audiences have been captivated on the series. The Spanish thriller, directed by Joaqun Górriz and Guillermo López, depicts a group of youngsters who are invited to a private party on a paradise island for the introduction of a new drink brand.

While it may appear to be the trip of a lifetime at first, things quickly change when the teenagers find that they have all been trapped on the secluded island as part of a violent game with deadly repercussions. The first season has left us on some fairly nail-biting cliffhangers, and fans are clamouring for more.

Is there any intention of continuing the story? Here’s all you need to know about the second season of Welcome to Eden.

When will the second season of Welcome to Eden be released?

There has been no official word on the future of Welcome to Eden or a possible second season as of May 2022. The good news is that, because season one finished on a cliffhanger, there’s a potential that the many questions we had after the finale may be resolved – because it indicates the authors have plans for more.

We’d like to think that if the show is renewed, we’ll learn more about what happened on the island around the same time next year, in May 2023.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a show, Netflix typically gives it 28 days to generate traffic and a return on investment (though their decisions have been a lot more abrupt and reversible lately). This means there’s still time for viewers to tune in, as well as the possibility of Netflix confirming a second season.

We’re crossing our fingers.

Cast of Welcome to Eden Season 2: Who’s coming back?

If season two is approved, the following characters are expected to return:

Amaia Aberasturi (Zoa), Amaia Salamanca (Astrid), Belinda Peregrin (frica), Begoa Vargas (Bel), Diego Garisa (Ibón), Tomy Aguilera (Charly), Berta Castaé (Gabi), Max Sampietro (Isaac), Lola Rodrguez (Mayka), Guillermo Pfening (Erick), Sergio Momo (Nico (Eloy).

Of course, Judith (Ana Mena), Aldo (Albert Baró), Ulises (Alex Pastrana), David (Jason Fernández), and Claudia (Berta Vazquez) all perished in season one, so they’re unlikely to return unless they appear in a flashback scene or make a surprising return from the grave.

This is Eden, after all. Anything is possible.

What will happen in the second season of Welcome to Eden?

Rebellions grew in the stressful season one finale, and fans watched as Zoa and Charly attempted to flee the island while using the new recruits as a distraction. The new kids, like Zoa and her group before them, had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Just as Charly was about to board the boat, Ulises apprehended Zoe and attacked her as a punishment for attempting to flee. Fortunately, Ibón came to Zoa’s rescue and killed Ulises in the process.

It begs the question of how Ulises’ death will effect Ibón in the upcoming season and how this character will now be developed.

Meanwhile, frica discovered a secret area full of technology in Astrid and Erick’s home, and accidently triggered a satellite by hitting a button on one of the panels, sending a signal into space. Alarms began to sound, and the doors closed, locking frica inside.

Season one finished with the ultimate twist, filled with surprising disclosures and tension throughout.

Just as Zoa was about to board the boat that would whisk her away to freedom, she noticed her sister Gabi walking towards the island. Gabi appears to be one of the island’s newest visitors after witnessing her struggle throughout the season to figure out what had happened to her sister.

Will Zoa join the boat or return home to save her sister? What is the significance of the signal delivered into space? Will Africa be apprehended and punished? What, above all, is the true character of the Eden Foundation?

Season three, hopefully, will provide answers to all of these questions.

When will the second season of Welcome to Eden be released?
There is currently no trailer available due to the lack of a guaranteed renewal. If season two is approved, the trailer will be released in the month coming up to the launch.

We pledge to keep you informed.

In the meantime, you can view the season one trailer or binge-watch the series on Netflix until we can provide you with further information.

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