Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12 Air Date – All We Know!

Tyler Perry wrote and directed this season of the American drama series. The pilot episode of this series was released online on March 19, 2020. This series quickly gained a large following not just in the United States, but also in a number of other countries.

Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12 is eagerly anticipated by many fans. Viewers of this programme are looking forward to episode 12 after seeing all of the other episodes of the season since the last episode left them with many unresolved questions.

We’ll go over all you need to know about Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date in this article. Simply read this post to the end to discover everything.

Release Date of Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12

Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12 will premiere on May 12th, 2022. If you’re really excited for this next episode, you won’t have to wait long. Before you know it, it will be here. Everyone will be able to see it on the given day. Simply keep track of the time and don’t forget about the show.

Season 3 Episode Listing

The season 3 episode list may be found here.

Uncharted Territory Is Calming
Prepare the Throne The Highest To Be Punished and Games
Does The Supreme Know The Law of Obedience?

Characters in the Series

After going over all of the details for Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12, the cast of the show is mentioned below.

Melissa L. Williams plays Ruth Truesdale.

Matt Cedeno plays The Highest/Tyrone Luckett.

Lenny Thomas plays Dikhan.

Yvonne Senat Jones plays Tally.

Alan Madrick plays David Jay Baadja, while Lyne Odums plays Marva.

Jaime M. Callica plays Brian Rollins.

Nirine S. Brown plays Lynn Blue Kimble.

Mack is portrayed by Herve Clermont. Sarah (Stephanie Charles)

Anthony Bless plays Malcolm Green.

Bobbi Baker James plays Cynthia.

Sara Naomi plays Benita.

Stevie Baggs, Jr. plays Oliver.

Colin McCalla is River.

Samantha L. Thomas plays Paula.

Michelle Nunez plays Zane.

Clark (Jael Pettigrew) Lacey (Alise Willis)

Season 3 Episode 12 Plot

The story will follow Ruth as she attempts to enslave her daughter Callie so that they may partake in the Rakudushis followers’ sexually immoral practises. Ruth is a lively member of the Rakudushi community. After aiding in the execution of a harsh punishment for her disobedient and closest friend Tally, she climbs through the ranks of the followership to the post of “Elder.” As you watch more episodes of this programme, you’ll get more curious about what happens next.

Where Can I Find Ruthless Season 3 Episode 12 On Netflix?

You may watch this series on BET+, the series’ official network. If you want to watch it online, you can find it on Fubo TV and DirecTV. You may catch up on previous episodes using these platforms if you missed one.


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