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The Chosen Season 3: Release Date | Cast | Episodes | Storyline

“The Chosen,” a historical drama series created by Dallas Jenkins, is based on the tale of Jesus Christ. This program follows Jesus of Nazareth as he gains prominence and begins a public ministry.

On December 9, 2019, the first season of The Chosen: Jesus Christ Story premiered on the VidAngel streaming service and the unique app The Chosen: Jesus Christ Story. The first episode of the series was released in December 2017, and it received a positive response.

The inaugural episode is The Shepherd, a short movie shot for a Christmas Eve service at an Illinois church.

There has never been a multi-season television series based on the life of Jesus Christ. The show has received praise for its beautiful storyline and faithfulness to the gospels. It is the most popular television production among the general audience.

By the time the program finished in June 2021, it had been viewed by more than 150 million people. The second season of the historical drama has ended, and fans are eager to learn what’s next for the program. We have everything, so here it is!

Season 3 of The Chosen has a release date.

There is little doubt that the third season will follow the same trend as the past two seasons, with an average of eight holy episodes every season, leaving fans with nothing to do except wait until 2022.

The first season began in 2019. However, the second season did not start until 2021 due to a minor delay caused by the launch of covid 19. We also got a Christmas special from the show’s makers throughout December as a Christmas present to the fans.

The storyline for Season 2 of The Chosen

In the second season, pandemonium breaks out among Jesus’ disciples as they move from city to city preaching his message. As we witness at the end of the season, he quickly becomes a threat to the Roman Empire.

During the second season, we also have numerous historical occurrences, such as narrating the narrative of the lost sheep and driving a demon out of a man’s body that is inhabiting it. We’re looking forward to the third season, which will take up where the second left off.

Season 3 Plot of The Chosen

The primary focus of the second season is on Jesus’ public ministry and how it came to be. As more people hear about the acclaimed leader, he and those close to him confront massive changes. Preparation for the sermon begins in Season 2’s last episode.

Similarly, the Pharisees and Quintus consider whether Jesus constitutes a threat to the Roman administration. As knowledge of Jesus’ actions and miracles travels worldwide, the number of his disciples is bound to grow.

The third season will go further into the gospels, shedding light on Jesus’ life and career.

Season 3 Cast of The Chosen

We don’t know for sure, but several original cast members are likely to return. In the all-Brazil cast of the series, Paloma Bernardi, Pedro Caetano, and Gutto Szuster play Lcia Santeiro, Damio Almeida, and Enzo Vergani, respectively.

Tenca, who plays cult leader “The Chosen One,” is also slated to return for a second confrontation.

Season 3 Trailer for The Chosen

Even though the next season’s release date and trailer have yet to be revealed, we can at least catch up on previous episodes and get a sneak preview of what’s to come by viewing the previous season trailers, which are all available on YouTube.


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    The BEST show I have ever watched. I have one and two, can not wait to see 3. God bless all who helped make this happen. Duane

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    I got one and 2 DVD can’t wait to get the rest


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