Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Release Date | Cast | Plot

Crystal Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi, often known as Pretty Guardian, is a Japanese manga character. Sailor Moon Crystal is an anime series based on Bishoujo Senshi Moon’s well-known manga. This is not the first anime adaptation of the manga Sailor Moon Crystal. Many seasons were shown throughout the 1990s. The show was revived in 2014 under the title Bishoujo Senshi. Sailor Moon Crystal first aired on July 5, 2014. To mark the 20th anniversary of ‘Sailor Moon,’ one of the most popular cartoons in the West between the 1990s and 2014, Toei Animation created ‘Sailor Moon Crystal,’ a reboot of ‘Sailor Moon.’ Since then, the show has done well and increased in popularity, with fans clamoring for more seasons. Here’s all we know about ‘Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4.

Is Season 4 of ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ on the way?

When Season 3 ended, Chibiusa, Mamoru, and Usagi witnessed an eclipse. When one of the three main protagonists heard a bell ringing while watching the eclipse, the show ended, suspenseful viewers. This also hinted at the possibility of a fourth season in some respects. There has been no news on whether the show will be renewed for a fourth season.

According to the official website of ‘Sailor Moon,’ the fourth arc of the Sailor Moon manga, titled ‘Dream,’ and featuring the Dead Moon Circus and massive power-ups for our heroes, as well as numerous shots in the arm of the Silver Millennium period mythology, will be released as a two-part feature film series. The first installment of the film series was scheduled to be released on September 11, 2020. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the first installment was postponed in Japan until January 8, 2021. Part 2 of ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie’ was released in Japan a month later, on February 11, 2021.

Who Might Reappear in the Fourth Episode of ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’?

Chiaki Kon, who also directed the third season, and character designer Kazuko Tadano, who will develop the characters for the fourth episode, supervised the movie. In the fourth season, we may anticipate seeing Sailor Venus / Minako Aino, Sailor Jupiter / Makoto Kino, Sailor Mars / Rei Hino, Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno, Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba, Luna, and Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino. Aside from them, we may anticipate the return of Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, and Sailor Vesta as Sailor Senshi characters. These characters debuted in the manga ‘Sailor Moon Super S.’

What Is the Plot of the Fourth Episode of ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’?

‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie’ covers the Dream arc, the manga’s last plot arc. As a result, the fourth season may pick up where the movies left off.

The fourth season is planned to cover the Sailor Stars arc, which follows Sailor Starlights as they battle Sailor Galaxia and her evil forces to find planet Kinmoku’s missing princesses.

On the other hand, Sailor Galaxia is more concerned with getting the most powerful Sailor Crystal, which will bestow immense talents on her and make her invincible. She intends to govern the entire cosmos with such power, but her objectives become increasingly nasty as time passes.


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