Supergirl Starring Sasha Calle Scrapped Too After Batgirl? Details Inside

Another DC superhero film, Supergirl, starring Sasha Calle, seems to be in jeopardy of being shelved following the cancellation of Batgirl. Several superhero movies have been delayed as Warner Bros. attempts to cut costs. Even when the casting for the live-action Wonder Twins movie was revealed, it was still unable to break through. Rolling Stone stated in an article describing Warner Bros.’ decision to axe “Batgirl” that “the threat of other DC pictures being squashed loomed.”

Aceshowbiz.com quotes the news source saying, “Insiders claim ‘Supergirl,’ which is under development, is not likely to continue forward.”

The article stated that Warner Bros. “now finds itself in another difficult position with the upcoming movie The Flash” due to star Ezra Miller’s unpredictable behavior. It is unclear if the corporation wants to break out of its contract with the Supergirl movie as part of its restructuring.

Sasha Calle, the cousin of Superman who will appear in The Flash, will be the first Supergirl in the brand-new DC Universe. The Miller-led tentpole is then anticipated to branch off into the female superhero. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, two former Batmen, were also expected to appear in the movie.

Batgirl (1)

Variety reports that Muschietti allegedly held more than 400 auditions before choosing Calle, the first Latina actor to play Supergirl. Starting with Helen Slater in the 1984 Warner Bros. film, Laura Vandervoort on the CW series “Smallville,” and most recently Melissa Benoist on the Warner Bros. TV series of the same name, various actors have sported the red and blue Spandex in the DC canon. Calle will play in his first movie, “The Flash.” She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy last year for her work on “The Young and the Restless,” in which she played Lola Rosales.

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