Stranger Things Writers Offer Huge Update on Season 5 for Netflix Show

Fans of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things may still be processing season four, but the show’s writers have already formally announced that season five is coming.

Even though we still have some time, we should probably prepare ourselves.

Stranger Things Season 5 (2)

The Stranger Things writing staff has disclosed that “day one” back in the writing room has already been finished following the conclusion of season four last month.

The official account of the writers published a picture of the Stranger Things season five storyboard on Twitter yesterday (August 2).

They scribbled “Day [one]” next to the intriguing but blank board.

As season five takes shape, Jim Hopper actor David Harbour has been talking openly about his early reservations about the classic sci-fi drama, confessing that he never imagined the show would be as popular as it has become.

The fan favourite admitted last month that he and several of the staff believed the show would be a “disaster” in a speech. Oh, how they were mistaken.

Harbour reflected, “I remember when we were filming the first season. “We were in Atlanta, and Netflix had given us a $20 budget, so we assumed…

Halfway through, my hair stylist approached me and commented on the fourth episode we were filming, saying, “I don’t think it’s going to work.”

David continued, saying he couldn’t even conceive a fifth season: “As a result, by the time we were finished, I believed there would be no second season.

Stranger Things Season 5 (3)

“We were going to be the first Netflix programme to never receive a second season, in my opinion. We predicted that no one would watch it since it would be a complete failure.”

Seasons 1-4 of Stranger Things are currently available on Netflix in all countries.

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