South Park Season 25 Episode 4 Release Date (Why It Wasn’t On This Week)

This week’s episode of South Park season 25, episode 4, was not broadcast; here’s why and when the show will air again. South Park has continuously shown the first three episodes of season 25 over the past three weeks, following a very significant layoff between season 23 and the current season, which was filled by a handful of specials that made up season 24. This week’s show, however, has been pushed back a week, which is a typical occurrence among South Park fans.

Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are buddies who have escapades in the titular town in the long-running adult animation series South Park. The series is known for the harsh humour that keeps up with the animation, with episodes like season 24, episode 1, “South ParQ Vaccination Special,” commenting on subjects like the COVID-19 epidemic. Since its debut in 1997, South Park has been adored by a wide audience, whether it’s commenting on hotly disputed political themes, social issues or simply telling a simple narrative about a school’s pyjama day.

To the dismay of fans, it was recently reported that South Park season 25, episode 4, would air a week later than expected, on March 2nd instead of February 23rd as previously scheduled. One popular argument suggests that it has anything to do with the show’s recent shift in streaming providers. South Park was dropped from its long-time streaming platform Hulu in 2020, and HBO Max became its new home. However, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and Paramount+ secured a new arrangement not long after. According to the agreement, several South Park specials will be available on Paramount+, beginning with the “Post Covid” special. Despite the fact that there has been no official declaration regarding the cause for the delay, some speculate that this is the case. Although it’s possible that the delay has something to do with it, it appears considerably more likely that the delay in South Park season 25, episode 4, has something to do with the show’s production.

South Park, unlike many other shows, is produced on a weekly basis in order to remain flexible and respond to any major stories it wishes to mock. As demonstrated in the documentary 6 Days to Air, the show is frequently finished the night before it is scheduled to air. Week-long gaps in the middle of the season are typical due to the tight and rigorous schedule, as shown between season 23, episode 7, “Board Girls,” and season 23, episode 8, “Turd Burglars.” After the first three episodes of the season, such as the complicated episode about Token Black’s real name, it’s possible that the cast and crew merely want to take a breather before South Park season 25, episode 4, so they can get ahead on future episodes.

However, it’s likely that the show was delayed and didn’t air this week. The show missed its deadline for the first time in 2013 owing to a studio power outage. Although nothing has been proven, another similar occurrence could have caused the delay. Season 25 is notably shorter than previous seasons, with only six confirmed episodes as opposed to the usual ten. The South Park staff may be toning back the intensive production process of this season to give themselves more breathing room while they work on season 25 alongside the specials. Fans will still be able to enjoy South Park season 25, episode 4, when it premieres on March 2nd, despite having to wait a little longer.

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