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South Park Season 24: Are There New Episodes Coming?

South Park is a 23-season American animated television series on Comedy Central. It was initially slated to air on Fox and was created by the Fox Broadcasting Company, but it was eventually rejected, and Comedy Central took it up.

South Park is well-known for its filthy language, vulgarity, sarcastic comedy, and a wide variety of issues. Allowing your children to watch it is not a brilliant idea! In the program, South Park is reportedly banned in Kuwait and a few other countries due to objectionable religious humor, primarily regarding Muslims.

Despite this, the program has been nominated for several prizes, including three Annie Awards, one of which it won, two Critics Choice TV Awards, 17 Emmy Awards, five of which it won, three TCA Awards, and one Peabody Award, which it also won.

South Park features four guys who reside in the fictitious town of South Park, Colorado: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. These youngsters had numerous adventures in this strange village – or should I say mishaps – that encompass both conventional and extraordinary things!


  • Trey Parker provides the voice of Stan Marsh.
  • Matt Stone provides the voice of Kyle Broflovski.
  • Trey Parker provides the voice of Eric Cartman.
  • Matt Stone provides the voice of Kenny McCormick.
  • Isaac Heyes provides the voice of the chef.
  • Adrian Beard provides the voice of Token Black.
  • John Hansen plays Mr. enslaved person.
  • Mary Kay Bergman provides the voice of Liane Cartman.
  • Jennifer Howell plays Bebe Stevens.
  • April Stewart provides the voice of Sharon Marsh.
  • Mona Marshall provides the voice of Linda Stotch.
  • Matt Stone and Trey Parker created the program, and they also voice the primary characters.
  • Adam Berry, Scott Nickoley, and Jamie Dunlap are among the creators.


Season 23 of South Park ran from September 25th, 2019, to December 11th, 2019, and consisted of ten episodes. Season 24 was, of course, anticipated to follow. But it never arrived.


Two extended-length special episodes of the program were released in 2020. They were both dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic, which had touched South Park Season 24 as well. These occurrences were separated by a significant amount of time.

On September 30th, 2020, Comedy Central broadcast the first special episode titled “The Pandemic Special.”

The second episode, “South ParQ Vaccination Special,” was broadcast roughly five months later, on March 10th, 2021.

There was significant uncertainty about whether these were new season episodes or random special episodes.

Later, it was revealed that these were the first two episodes of South Park season 24. However, the remaining episodes will not be released every week as is customary.


It is unknown when the new South Park season 24 will be released. The creators did hint at additional hour-long special episodes, so perhaps they will be released over a few months rather than weekly as in prior seasons.

The second arrived five months after the first. It’s been almost five months since Episode 2 aired. We haven’t heard anything from the producers concerning additional episodes; however, if these two are counted and this season includes ten episodes like the previous ones, we may only have eight episodes remaining.

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