Haikyuu Season 5: Everything You Need to Know

There’s no knowing when the fifth season of Haikyuu will be on our screens. So you may relax for the time being. But, before you start criticizing the studio, the much-anticipated otaku event, Jump Festa Expo, will be knocking on our door shortly. And we fans will be enlightened with the release of Haikyuu Season 5. Shueisha is the sponsor of Jump Festa, a great event. Every anime and manga fan from across the world is looking forward to this event.


Shouyou Hinata, a short-heightened volleyball player, restarts his school’s volleyball club after being inspired by an ace volleyball player known as “Little Giant.” His newly created squad was just allowed to compete in the event. Despite playing well, they were trounced hard by their opponent, Tobio Kageyama, widely known as the King of the Court. Hinata vows to himself that he will defeat Kageyama at all costs. After graduating from middle school, he attended Karasuno High School and joined their volleyball team. But suddenly, he discovers that Kageyama, his former enemy, is now his buddy.

Haikyuu Season 5’s Expected Release Date

Because of the pandemic crisis, many of the future anime intended to be published in 2020-21 have been postponed, and we don’t know how long it will take to restore everything to normal. However, the upcoming 2022 event may be a thorny issue for many anime fans since it will determine the destiny of several masterpieces.

Back in October 2021, it was officially announced that Haikyuu!! It will have its studio stage at a future event. Why? Because Haikyuu is celebrating its tenth anniversary!! The official Jump Festa account has stated that the program would include a dedicated chat show for the Haikyuu Season 5, which will clear up all misunderstandings around the anime. Ayumu Murase and Kaito Ishikawa will host the show. The event may reveal the primary graphic for Haikyuu Season 5. And if that happens, the fans will be in for a tremendous surprise.

The Shonen Jump news magazine has also released and teased additional details about the series, which will be elaborated on the day of the Jump Festa 20202. Because we all know that the manga finished a while ago, they’ll probably provide us information about future productions as well as a release date, which will almost certainly be in 2022.

The second part of Haikyuu! To the Top, fourth!’s season was entirely built on the conflict between two rival teams, Karasuno and Inarizaki. As we all know, Karasuno won the match, and it is now time for them to face another opponent. The forthcoming season will pit Karasuno against Nekomo, their long-standing foe from Tokyo.


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