See Kendra Wilkinson’s Son Hank Jr. and Daughter Alijah All Grown Up in Family Photo

Kendra Wilkinson is on a tropical vacation by herself.

The former Girls Next Door star posted pictures of her family’s vacation to Maui, Hawaii, where she travelled with her daughter Alijah, 8, and son Hank Jr., 13, who is 13 years old.

Kendra, who has children with her ex-husband Hank Baskett, is shown in the family picture sitting on a bench next to Hank Jr. and Alijah, with palm trees and the clear blue ocean serving as the background. The 37-year-old provided other insights into their vacation, including whale sightings, restaurant views of the beach, and a stunning sunset.

“Happy Holidays,” she captioned her Instagram slideshow from December 20.

After working hard on her real estate job for a year and releasing season two of Kendra Sells Hollywood on discovery+, Kendra is now having fun in the sun.

Regarding her love life, Kendra, who divorced Hank in 2019, told E! News in April that she wasn’t actively looking for a new partner at the time.

Then, Kendra said, “I don’t really concentrate on dating. “I put my attention into improving myself as a person and a mother, and it takes all the time in the world to achieve that. I just don’t have too much time to go on dates or meet new people.”

She even claimed to be looking for “a totally new experience in life.”

I’m here to develop and do greater things, Kendra said. “It’s incredibly difficult to get that in LA, but if somebody out there wants to match me for that, let’s go. I’m not on the hunt for a guy. I’m here mostly to concentrate on improving myself as a person and learning how to smile in front of other people.”

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