‘Professionals’ Season 2 Renewal May Rely on Brendan Fraser

In the US, the first season of the Professionals television series, starring Tom Welling and Brendan Fraser, recently came to an end. A Season 2 renewal is still in doubt, even with the duo taking the lead. Soldiers of Fortune, a movie from 2012, serves as the basis for the series. In it, billionaire Peter Swann (Fraser) and his fiancée, Dr. Graciela Davila (Elena Anaya), employ former counterintelligence officer Vincent Corbo (Welling) to look into a possible sabotage when a medical satellite explodes during launch. In South Africa and Ireland, the programme was shot in 2019. It eventually made its American debut in October with a 10-episode inaugural season after being acquired by The CW in 2021.

Nearly every scripted series on The CW has recently been cancelled, so it’s unclear whether a second season of Professionals will be ordered. The season finale of the show received 290K/0.0 in terms of ratings, which was pretty poor. As TVLine pointed out, Fraser’s current career trajectory, specifically The Whale, may be a significant renewal factor. Although Fraser returning for a second season isn’t completely improbable, it’s hard to picture him doing so for a network with a bleak future for its programmes. Fraser’s portrayal in The Whale has received a lot of positive feedback, and he was nominated for a Golden Globe. These developments are keeping him on the right track for an Oscar nomination and triumph. Therefore, it is more possible that he would continue to be a sought-after performer for major motion pictures and more prestigious television shows.

Fraser is now appears as a series regular in the fourth season of the HBO Max show Doom Patrol. The show’s devoted fan following has kept it running thus far, even though it hasn’t been decided whether to renew it or terminate it. If it were to acquire a fifth season, it would stand out as Fraser’s first choice for a television project because it has received positive reviews from both critics and public viewers. His other ongoing projects, such as Brothers and Killers of the Flower Moon, may potentially have an effect on the decision to extend the Professionals.

Jeff Most, a co-creator of the show, told TVLine that despite the show’s uncertain future, the crew is optimistic and that they are “excited to produce a second season, and are well along in planning the storyline.” Most also stated they are “working closely with [their] broadcast partners,” though they have not yet received definitive confirmation in either direction. At this point, Most hasn’t disclosed any information about the upcoming Season 2 storyline.

Most and Michael Colleary collaborated on Professionals, which they also executive produced and ran. Distributed by Rainmaker Content for LEONINE Studios, it is a co-production between the Republic of Ireland and South Africa. Additionally featured in the cast are Sad Taghmaoui, Ken Duken, Lisa Loven Kongsli, August Wittgenstein, Stevel Marc, Tanya Van Graan, and Nic Rasenti.

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