SEAl Team Season 5: Latest Updates

SEAL Team has already undergone a rebranding in the previous year, with the military drama shifting from CBS to Paramount+ in the United States. Following the season five finale, one of SEAL Team’s stars has replied to rumors that the program has not just ended its current run but the whole series.

David Boreanaz, who playing Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes, has stated that “nothing formal” has been verified as of yet. In an interview with TVLine, the Bravo Team commander actor stated that he is “optimistic” about the future of SEAL but is presently waiting for news.

“I know we did amazing for Paramount+, and I’ll just leave it at that,” he added before adding that he will be eagerly waiting for his “call sheet.” “I’m only as good as the call sheet that says, ‘Hey, you have an 8 a.m. call time,’ right? So we’ll have to waiting and see whether that call time comes up.”

If SEAL Team’s final operation has aired, David Boreanaz will have great memories both in front of furthermore behind the camera to look back on. Opening out about the difficulties of working as both an actor and a director on the show, David said that the “formula” of the show includes 10-hour days.

“We do not have nine to twelve days. We do not work 13 or 14-hour days. We have seven days to finish an episode and ten hours [per day], “He stated. “As a filmmaker, you can feel the vice type of pressure a little bit knowing it ahead of time. You know you want to get the most out of these moments, so I have to make sure I’m committed in certain acting moments, so then you have to invest in the time to get the opportune moments.”

As the title suggests, SEAL Unit follows the elite team of Navy SEAL operators as they plan and carry out a variety of dangerous operations on short notice.

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