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Kissing Booth 4: Everything You Need to Know

Kissing Booth 4: The Kissing Booth is a teen romance American franchise centered on a young, energetic adolescent named Rochelle Evans or Elle and how she risks her lifelong relationship with Lee Flynn after falling for Lee’s older brother Noah Flynn. The plot is a full-fledged high school romantic drama that captures the spirit of young adolescent love and how Elle struggles with the issue of choosing between her closest friend and her lover. The Kissing Booth is a trilogy of films based on the novel of the same name by Beth Reekles. Vince Marcello directed the film.

Rochelle is a member of the film’s cast. Elle Evans, portrayed by Joey King, is the story’s heroine. Other characters include Lee Flynn, played by Joel Courtney, Elle’s childhood best friend, Noah Flynn, Jacob Elordi, Lee’s brother and Elle’s love interest, Rachel, played by Meganne Young, Lee’s girlfriend, and others. On May 18, 2018, Netflix released the film’s first installment. The film drew a large audience and was renewed for a second and third installment. By the time the second installment of the movie aired, it had become the third most-watched film on Netflix.

What Was the Most Recent Episode About?

Kissing Booth 3 focuses on Elle’s decision between Harvard and Berkeley. It also reveals how she reluctantly decides to attend Harvard merely to be with Noah. Still, Noah eventually breaks up with her to continue her studies at her ideal college, Berkeley, with Lee. The film also jumps ahead six years to show how Lee and Elle are still friends and how they reconcile with Noah and pledge to stay in touch.

Kissing Booth 4: Is There Going to Be a Part Four?

The film does not finish on a cliffhanger and depicts Elle and Noah reuniting after a 6-year gap. Even if fans believe there are some loose ends to the latest installment published this year and Elle’s journey has still to be completed, another franchise installment may not be expected. The tale does not even reveal how her life continues after the huge reunion, but we all know that the film is based on Reklees’ novels, and the author’s franchise of THE KISSING BOOTH is restricted to these three sections alone. As a result, even though the franchise has been a big success, there is a strong probability that it will not return for another installment this time, putting an end to all the speculations and suspicions floating about.

Joey King Teases The Film’s Fourth Act

While we do not expect another installment of the franchise any time soon, Joey, who portrays Elle in the film, hints at a fourth installment by noting in an interview that she never gets tired of performing Elle in the movie and would be pleased to star in another installment if the makers decide to do so. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jacob, who plays Noah, indicated that this is the last kiss, implying that this may be the final installment and that a fourth installment will be complicated.

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