Love Is Blind season 2: Which Couples are Still Together ?

Is Love Is Blind back for a season 2? The Netflix series once again uses its blind-dating pods to connect individuals. The wait has finally been over.

Since we won’t see all of the episodes at once until the finale airs on February 25th, we won’t know which couples make it through the season and which ones call it quits.

However, Vanessa Lachey had earlier stated that the series would begin production in April. As a result, couples who met on the program may now celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the years go by?

You can see which Love Is Blind Season 2 characters are still together here.

Deepti Vempat and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee

As a result of his pod approach, Abhishek (aka Shake) has already received much attention from fans. Even so, Deepti, a 31-year-old data analyst, and the 33-year-old veteran house DJ hit it off before meeting in person in Mexico.

On the other hand, Shake had reservations about their first night together, saying he was “apprehensive.” We’ll find out what occurs at the end of the series. Even though they’ve stopped following one other, Shake and Deepti are still friends on Instagram. We’re not sure what to make of Shake’s Valentine’s Day post for his sausage dog.

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen

An initial spark of attraction occurred between real estate agent Shayne (32) and consulting manager Natalie (29), both of whom were in their early twenties. As a result of their differences in behavior and approaches to discussing their relationship on their trip to Mexico, the couple had several arguments.

Of course, we have yet to see how the remainder of the series unfolds. Although they both follow other Love Is Blind competitors on Instagram, Shayne and Natalie do not follow one other. We may have to wait until the conclusion of the series to figure out what happens next because they haven’t officially verified their relationship or released any images of them together either.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

Season two opened with Danielle, 29, and Nick, 36, getting engaged at the end of episode one. Before meeting face-to-face in Mexico, they bonded through their families, prior relationships, and body image.

Following an altercation between Nick and the other passenger, everything looked to be back to normal “We wouldn’t have been able to have a real-life relationship if we argued against the one we had last night so early on. When something like this happens, it’s because we’ve developed good communication abilities in The Pods. I think our relationship is becoming more and more solid.”

When it comes to confirming their relationship, Nick and Danielle have not done so publicly. Despite this, they’re still friends on Instagram (a good indication for the year 2022, right?). A preview image from the broadcast showed Danielle smiling in one of the pods, and it appeared to allude to Nick. She penned: “Exactly why am I beaming? On February 11th, LIB will make its television debut.” Nick?!

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Kyle Abrams (Shaina Hurley)

Despite their religious differences, 32-year-old Shaina and 29-year-old Kyle got engaged on Love Is Blind. Unlike Kyle, who was reared in a Catholic household, Shaina professes a faith in Jesus Christ.

Shaina did make a breakup suggestion on the retreat, stating, “It’s as if we’re both sure about what we believe in and have no intention of changing our minds. I think I know what I’m feeling in my brain. I don’t have to travel back to Mexico with a man “before departing early.

Despite this, Kyle told the filmmakers, “I’m not giving up.” “I’ll eventually feel more comfortable with her physically. I’ll get to know her better as time goes on. When all is through, Shaina is going to be smitten. I’m ready to tie the knot.”

On Instagram, Kyle and Shaina are still following each other. A clip of one of Kyle and Shaina’s debates over religion in the pods was even shared on Kyle’s Facebook page. A slew of laughing emojis followed Shaina’s response; it’s safe to say that these two are still getting along just fine.

Both Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

Salvador (aka Sal), a 31-year-old executive assistant, and Mallory, a 32-year-old communications manager, became fast friends over their shared Mexican heritage. However, Mallory turned down Jarrette Jones’ proposal and finally engaged Sal. Mallory and Jarrette, on the other hand, became close after meeting face-to-face during the retreat. With Mallory’s confirmation that she still wanted to marry Sal, Sal approached Mallory.

If Mallory and Sal do get married, it won’t be until Season 2. Sal and Mallory appear to be still following each other on Instagram, and they’ve been spotted commenting on one other’s pictures, as far as we know. A picture Sal posted on Instagram announced that he was taking part in Love Is Blind, and Mallory commented, “Yass! ” to show her excitement. When Mallory told the same, Sal chimed in, “Getting it Mal ” in response.

There is Iyanna McNeely with Jarrette Jones.

Jarrette, a 32-year-old project manager, met and fell in love with Mallory, a 27-year-old program coordinator, but the two eventually got engaged. Jarrette proposed to Mallory before, and Iyanna was hesitant because she felt “I need someone who wants to be certain about me.” Mallory finally agreed to marry Jarrette and accepted his proposal, but things became complicated when the two finally met in person.

Iyanna informed the producers: “I have complete faith in him. He’s an adult. If he lied to me, it would destroy my heart “The last episode of the series will reveal whether or not these two got married.

Jarrette and Iyanna are still following each other on Instagram as of February 2022, although it doesn’t appear that they have lately liked or commented on one other’s pictures.

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