Harley Quinn Season 4: Everything We know

Right now, HBO Max needs to start production on the fourth season of Harley Quinn. Because holy cow, the conclusion that was just shown on Gotham turned everything on its head. If the results of the mayoral election weren’t surprising enough for you?

We won’t go into detail about what’s going to happen just yet since we have some surprises in store for you farther down the page. It is safe to anticipate that our favourites will appear in new positions throughout season 4, and it is probable that the circumstances they find themselves in will put the bonds that bind them to an even greater test.

The fact that Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker won’t be running the programme for the fourth season of Harley Quinn adds an additional layer of complexity to the situation. That amounts to a significant amount of change, doesn’t it? So, let’s break it all down, beginning with the really encouraging news, shall we?

The renewal status of Harley Quinn for season 4

The recent removal of dozens of episodes and movies, in addition to the cancellation of the Batgirl movie, has made HBO Max a less reliable destination than it once was. Consequently, you would have been quite justified in being concerned about the destinies of any or all of your favourites.

But on August 31, weeks before the season 3 finale of Harley Quinn (which will air on September 15), HBO Max made the announcement (opens in new tab) that it will be ordering a season 4 of Harley Quinn. At the same time, we were made aware of a change in the responsibilities of the show runner, which we will discuss further below.

The premiere date for the fourth season of Harley Quinn shouldn’t be too far off.

First, some excellent news to share with you: Patrick Schumacker, who once served as the showrunner for Harley Quinn and who is now an executive producer, tweeted that season 4 is “Coming sooner than you think.” That’s probably due to the fact that season 2 will end on April 3, 2020, and season 3 won’t premiere until April 3, 2021. (July 28, 2022).

If you want to be an optimist, you should look at the first two seasons of Harley Quinn and extrapolate from there. On February 21, 2020, the first season came to a close, which was less than two months before to the launch of the sophomore attempt. However, due to the fact that the second season was a part of the initial order for 26 episodes, we have our doubts that such a little window may ever occur again (opens in new tab).

All of this information leads us here at Tom’s Guide to believe that the premiere date of the fourth season of Harley Quinn will occur about one year from now or later. Not quite as lengthy as the wait for season 3, yet not quite as quick as the wait for season 2.

Characters from the upcoming fourth season of Harley Quinn

The cast of Harley Quinn remained basically the same during the third season, but their responsibilities will be different when the show returns for its fourth season than they were when it began.

The most immediate concern is whether or not Harley Quinn will continue to be a villain. Working with the Batfamily has transformed her into somewhat of a hero in her own right. In a similar vein, the Joker, portrayed by Alan Tudyk, is now the Mayor of Gotham. His Clayface is actually a well-known and accomplished actor, but a miserable one.

Ivy now serves as the leader of the Legion of Doom as a result of Lex giving her the opportunity to assume that role. The primary actors are mentioned down below.

The voice of Harley Quinn, who has evolved into something more like to a hero than she was before, is provided by Kaley Cuoco.
Poison Ivy is still a villain, and Lake Bell continues to provide her voice.
Clayface, the Joker, and a plethora of other characters portrayed by Alan Tudyk.
King Shark, portrayed here by Ron Funches
J. B. Smoove stars as the character Frank the Plant.
Diedrich Bader as Batman
Briana Cuoco as Batgirl
James Adomian as Bane
Giancarlo Esposito as Lex Luthor
Catwoman portrayed by Sanaa Lathan
Playing the role of Commissioner James Gordon is Christopher Meloni.
Jacob Tremblay plays the role of Robin.
Nightwing, portrayed here by Harvey Guillén
Changes to the cast and crew of Harley Quinn in season 4
Showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker have decided to leave their positions in order to take on executive producer responsibilities instead. Showrunner and consulting producer Sarah Peters, who has been writing for the series since the first season, will also take on the role of executive producer for the upcoming season 4 of the programme.

Outside of her role as Harley Quinn, Peters has an impressive resume, having appeared on some of television’s most beloved programmes, including Nathan for You, Master of None, and Workaholics.

The potential storylines for the fourth season of Harley Quinn

All right, let’s not dance about the ivy here. The upcoming fourth season of Harley Quinn is very likely going to place #Harlivy in a life-threatening situation. What does it mean if Ivy is in charge of Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom and Harley is working with the Batfamily? That’s a whole lot of strife to bring up at the dinner table. Having said that, according to the rumour mill, Lex’s offer included complete control for Ivy. And we have learned long ago not to put any stock in a promise made by Lex Luthor.

Where does it leave the rest of the gang? After slaying his younger sibling, King Shark could have to take on more responsibilities. It’s possible that Clayface will keep working in Hollywood. And Joker? Now that we’ve established that he’s a good match for the role of mayor of Gotham, we can’t wait to see how he balances the city’s good guys and bad guys.

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