Battlefield 2042 Season 2 Details Revealed

The second season of Battlefield 2042, Master of Arms, is set to begin. Beginning on August 30th across all platforms, the new season will feature a new map, a new specialist, a tonne of new equipment, and 100 new battle pass tiers of content.

Season 2: Master of Arms shifts the action to the Panama Canal with its new Stranded map, featuring an exhilarating new battle over a dried-up lake with a shipwrecked tanker that also functions as a hub for an illegal black market.

Players in Battlefield 2042 will compete for control of the Starg Ceres, which is now a market for illegal military weaponry. The tanker itself prefers close-quarters fighting with constrained spaces, lots of cover, and close proximity to enemies. Consider bringing a shotgun.

Charlie Crawford, a former arms dealer with the ability to resuscitate teammates and restock their gadget ammo, is your new specialist in Season 2. He is armed with a Mounted Vulcan fixed minigun that may be utilised by other Specialists.

Season 2 offers a few new weapons to acquire when it comes to weapons.

The Avancys is a light machine gun that maximises mobility and attachments, while the new AM40 offers a mid-range alternative that falls halfway between an assault rifle and a sub-machine gun. The PF51, despite having a massive magazine, lies between between an SMG and a pistol.

Players now have the option to confound and stun their opponents by using the new concussion grenade.

The black market makes all of these things and more accessible. In All-Out Warfare, there is even a new way to obtain some of your favourite weaponry.

You can unlock Vault Weapons, such as the M60E4 and M16A3, which were previously exclusively accessible through Battlefield Portal, by completing Assignments. These are the first two that will be made available at the start of the new season; further items will follow as the season progresses.

Overall, the most recent season of Battlefield 2042 has a lot of new features. Even better, you can level up and acquire it without the expensive battle pass because all things that effect gameplay will be unlocked.

Looking for more information on Battlefield 2042? See how popular Battlefield 2042 is compared to prior instalments in the gameplay trailer for Season 2 of the game.

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