Outer Range Season 1 Episode 5 “The Soil” Recap & Review

Outer Range’s The Soil Episode 5 continues where we left off. Wayne skips out of the hole while giggling uncontrollably. Royal is left on the ground unconscious. “I located it,” As soon as he enters the home again and spots the guys, Wayne yells. But as that same bloody rock rolls over the ground, he soon collapses. Here and there, there are short glimpses of a bizarre, black, burnt figure snatching little Wayne by the legs. In the present, Wayne’s fall compels the guys to call an ambulance and take him to the hospital. It’s a fleeting glimpse of a period long before.

When Royal awakens, he discovers that he is a bloodied, bruised mess. He thinks back on his bizarre dream in which he was informed, “Time’s a motherf*cker,” as he gathers up his belongings and leaves the hole. Additionally, he witnesses Wayne being hauled away in the ambulance.

Autumn breaks into Royal’s home early in the morning in search of the necklace that Royal won in that poker game. She’s stressed out and wants it back badly. Cecilia is not pleased, pointing out that it was gained legitimately. She raises a gun and accuses her of breaking in while being equally angry. Autumn is in a desperate situation and thinks she must act as a ward. As we’ve seen throughout this season, she has a sort of sixth sense, and there is a lot we don’t know about her.

Royal leaves to speak with Dr. Nia about the necklace. She affirms that it is made of amber but is unsure of what is contained inside. Testing is the only way to know for sure. Their laser would make it possible to completely change the makeup. However, when Royal looks at a picture hanging on the wall, he recognizes a tanker for BY9—the same one he saw in the earlier episodes’ future visions. In light of this, he makes the decision to go and attempt to learn more about this BY9.

As everything is happening, a frazzled Cecilia unintentionally burns a tea towel that was left beside the gas burner. This is partially due to a chat Patricia and I had earlier at the Tillerson ranch, which undoubtedly rattled Patricia. Anyway, Cecilia finds a dead young bear outside when she opens the window to let some fresh air in. She makes a special trip to a wooden shed in the middle of the forest. She drags the carcass inside after excavating a hole outside; then, she closes the entrance.

Sheriff Joy begins to think Perry might have killed Trevor in the meantime. Even though the election is in three weeks, Joy is more focused on solving this crime. She tells a coworker about the atrocities of racism she has witnessed in the past, expressing anger over the fact that “white people don’t get prosecuted for attacking Indian females on a reserve.” This, together with her instinct, leads her to suspect Perry is the true offender.

Wayne makes it through his trauma (and Billy’s most recent musical performance) and recovers at home. While he is unable to function, the family mulls over how to go with the property. Cecilia specifically questions Wayne’s motivation for wanting the Abbotts’ land. The boys are hesitant.

Royal comes back that evening carrying the necklace, locks it in a vice, breaks it open, and examines what is inside. The dust, which he is holding in his hands, mysteriously transforms into a bizarre black goo that fuses with his skin. Royal discovers himself lying lifeless on the ground. Autumn calls out to him while sporting a yellow shirt.

The Episode Analysis

This chapter significantly slows down the action because there isn’t much story development other than Royal breaking open the amber and discovering the weird black dust inside. There isn’t much else to hang onto beyond the information that Joy suspects Perry and that Wayne is now unable to function.

Thanks to this week’s release of another episode, the slow pacing used in last week’s double-bill have returned. However, given that this is the season’s smallest episode, it shouldn’t necessarily feel the longest.

Thankfully, the last five minutes are engaging enough to watch, and the acting is strong throughout. There is also the issue of dubious song selections, which occasionally fall short of expectations. Even so, the program is still intriguing, and the conclusion offers room for more.

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