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Mizuho Kusanagi wrote and drew Yona of the Dawn, a Japanese manga series. The plot revolves around a girl born in Japan but raised in Korea as royalty.

She must return to Japan with her bodyguard Hak after her father is assassinated for her protection. It’s been three years since the first season of TV Tokyo aired, and it’s finally back!

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Yona of the Dawn is a cartoon television series based on a manga volume of the same name. Mizuho Kusanagi, who also acts as the series editor, wrote and commissioned the manga. It was initially announced on August 5, 2009, and volumes have since been released one after the other.

Yona of the Dawn Season 1 premiered on television on October 7, 2014, after Studio Pierrot confirmed plans to convert the manga into a television program following the series’ launch.

It was a massive hit with fans of the manga series and newcomers. On the other hand, fans have been waiting expectantly for news regarding the upcoming season after such a lengthy delay. Yona of the Dawn Season 2 has all you need to know!

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Updates

Yona Of The Dawn fans has been waiting a decade for her reappearance. Studio Pierrot, on the other hand, or any other creator has not overlooked anything vital to the show’s future success. As a result, the Kumamoto earthquakes in April 2016 had the same effect.

Two persons died as a result of this accident. Around 3000 people were hurt, and 10,000 dwellings were destroyed or damaged. Unfortunately, YOTD designer Mizuho Kusanagi was among the injured survivors, and it took him a long time to recover from the horrific catastrophe. She let the world know that the event would be a massive hurdle for her project’s development with a few tweets.

This influenced the manga’s development and posed a threat to the anime’s future. This has sparked considerable debate among fans, who feel it is the reason why no Yona Of The Dawn animation has been made in a long time.

Consequently, the founder was able to recover and resume publishing her manga episodes on time. Her most recent initiatives have gotten a lot of praise from fans and reviewers alike.

The reappearance of Yona of Dawn, on the other hand, is unknown. Don’t worry. We’ll keep you informed when more concrete developments emerge over the season. Season 2 of Yona Of The Dawn

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, the production team has yet to confirm a release date. It has been announced that the program’s release date may be postponed. It will be informed if the team’s season 2 standing improves.

At the end of 2021, there may be further chances for the series to return. The date of the announcement is scheduled to be sometime in 2021 or 2022.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Teaser

Yona of the Dawn Season 2 has yet to receive an official trailer! For now, you may watch season 1 trailer episodes to get a taste of what’s to come in the rest of the series. The third season teaser is planned to be published in 2021.

Season 2 Cast of Yona Of The Dawn

Yona is the main character in Yona Of The Dawn, Season 2.

Hak Son

Hak is Yona’s teen’s friend and protector, as well as the Wind Tribe’s past chief and commander. He was once the series’ main male character, but his tale ends in episode six.


Yona is the princess of Kouka, the series’ primary location, and the king’s lone successor. When Yona first appears, she lives a relatively safe existence and becomes a corrupted child.


Yona’s first uncle, Su-won, arrived with her and Hak. He told Yona that he would always be at her side during their youth, and they became friends!


Yun is Princess Yona’s representative and the third member of her squad.

Yona Of The Dawn’s Second Season Plot

The show is set in a fictional nation that looks to be a mix of Japanese and Korean culture. The story follows Yona, the lone queen of Kouka, and is a tragedy about retribution and forgiveness in this light.

Yona longs to live a peaceful and quiet life as a queen in Hiryuu Castle, protected from the outside world by her father, King of Kouka, and her young companion and bodyguard, Hak.

As a result, during Yona’s 16th birthday celebration, her story is flipped upside down when Su-won, her adolescent lover and love affair, emerges to pay respect to her. Yona’s friendship with Su-won has improved, and she visits her father’s workplace to tell him how much she likes him.

As a result, she is terrified of seeing Su-Won assassinate her father for the crown when she arrives at work. Su-Won, who takes over as Kouka’s commander, saves Yona from death. Hak intervenes and saves Yona from imminent death, rescuing Hak’s country’s seat and front, the Village of Wind.

Final Thoughts

So far, we’ve covered all there is to know about Yona of the Dawn Season 2! If something changes, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. For the time being, enjoy the show’s previous season and keep an eye on us for more information!


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