Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date: Is It Trailer Release?

When Will Season 5 of Yellowstone Be Released? Will a trailer be made available?

Fans are anxiously expecting Yellowstone season 5, which is scheduled to premiere on The Paramount Network later in 2022, despite the fact that season 4 of the show has only recently became available on Paramount Plus in the UK.

The upcoming season of the television show starring Kevin Costner and other cast members will consist of a staggering 14 episodes split into two halves.

The Dutton family will be the focus of the new adventure, which will follow their escapades as they negotiate a difficult election and try to handle a difficult blackmail situation involving two of their siblings.

Fans of Yellowstone may anticipate a significant amount of new content in addition to the main series. Soon, a film titled 1883, which takes place before the events of Yellowstone, and a film titled 1932, which takes place after those same events will be released (we know, it’s challenging). Yay!

The most important question, though, right now is: what will happen in Yellowstone season 5? The following sentences include the most recent details on the cast and storyline of Yellowstone season 5.

Yellowstone’s Season 5 cast

For additional episodes of the show, which was filmed in the state of Montana, every fan favourite character will appear.

Jefferson White plays Jimmy Hurdstrom in the movie.

Gil Birmingham plays Thomas Rainwater.

In the role of Lloyd, Forrie J.

Denim Richards portrayed Colby.


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Ian Bohen and Ryan

Bingham is Ryan Walker.

Smaller than Carter and Finn

As Jen Landon Teeter

Kathryn Kelly’s portrayal of Emily

I Bring Plenty as Mo.

Governor Lynelle Perry is portrayed by Wendy Moniz.

What will the Fifth Season of Yellowstone’s storyline be?

We can fairly assume that Market Equity and the Duttons’ land conflict will continue even though the season 5 storyline hasn’t been made public. And now that Jamie is back in the mix, some people want to know if John will continue his bid for governor. But exactly how will Kayce’s desire be realised?

Recap of Yellowstone’s fourth season

Season 3 of Yellowstone ended with Beth, Kayce, and John being attacked, and season 4 takes up a few months later. John Dutton is waking up in a hospital after going into a coma. The other members of the family are all still alive, although they each face unique challenges. After Monica has burns on her back from the explosion, Kayce is attempting to soothe Tate and Monica, who are both in shock.

Beth is introduced to Carter, a young woman who looks after her father after he overdoses. She extends an invitation to Carter to live and work on the ranch. When he recovers from yet another mishap involving a charging horse, John sends Jimmy to Texas ranch 6666 in a last-ditch attempt to try to become a real cowboy, so they’ll need the extra help.

The airport that Market Equity plans to build as part of its campaign to prevent the sale of Yellowstone has already started to take shape, and Caroline Warner, the new CEO who will be in charge of everything, has moved to Montana.

Beth takes advantage of the chance to learn more about Market Equity’s approach and try to sabotage it from within, but her first devotion is always to her father. Beth is given a position by Caroline so that she will fight for them as opposed to against them. This entails utilising a John Dutton-supporting environmentalist as a pawn in order to stage a conspicuous demonstration on Market Equity’s construction site.

In order to support Kayce and his family through their struggles and to give John important information about who was hired to attack him and his family, Thomas Rainwater and the Duttons continue to put their once-present and likely-future hatred on wait.

The evidence suggests that a prisoner planned the assault on the Duttons, but prior to this, he doesn’t seem to have any connection to them. John sends Kayce to Jamie to ask for assistance interrogating the prisoner despite the fact that their relationship is still antagonistic (and as a test).

Although Jamie nods in agreement, he eventually realises that the inmate was Garrett Randle, who was actually his father. Jamie makes an attempt to face him, but he’s not sure which father deserves his whole attention. Randle is left alone, and John is not mentioned.

When Governor Perry decides to run for the Senate and must support a replacement, things get even more challenging. She initially tells John she will help Jamie, but he initially thinks it’s a bad idea and only reluctantly agrees. Jamie is surprised to hear the news, but he tries to come up with a plan to escape.

Beth gets fired from Market Equity at the end of the season after her activities become public, but she still faces more serious problems. She threatens Jamie with ownership of their assailant if he doesn’t kill Randle using the knowledge she obtains about him. Beth marries Rip to end her frenzied two days.

Kayce claims to have had a vision during a Native American rite that predicts their death (although we are not given any hints as to what he saw). Jimmy, on the other hand, returns from 6666 a different and more passionate person, and he ultimately receives permission to go back to Texas and begin afresh.

Trailer for Yellowstone’s fifth season

No, there isn’t yet a trailer for Yellowstone’s impending fifth season, but we can definitely anticipate seeing one soon. Since the series has already begun production, you may soon see a trailer.

Watching the teaser trailers for the show’s prior seasons can pass the time. The trailer for Yellowstone’s fourth season is available here.

Date of Season 5 of Yellowstone’s release

The first episode of Yellowstone Season 5 will air on November 13, 2022. The next season of the programme from Paramount Network will air on May 18, according to an Instagram post. They also revealed that the fifth season would be split into two halves.

According to David Glasser, the executive producer of Yellowstone, the news was announced just a few days after the show’s filming had begun. Furthermore, Season 5 will feature 14 episodes as opposed to the usual 10 found in past seasons.


The Dutton family will be the focus of the upcoming season. It will detail their misadventures as they negotiate a difficult election and try to deal with a complicated blackmail situation. The premise for season 5 is unknown, however it is safe to assume that Market Equity and the Duttons will continue to argue over a piece of land.

The fourth season begins with a few months after the cliffhanger of the third. John Dutton is waking up in a hospital after going into a coma.

Beth takes advantage of the chance to learn more about Market Equity’s business strategy because she always puts her father’s needs first. The fifth season of Yellowstone will be split into two parts. There will be 14 episodes this season as opposed to the customary 10 from previous seasons. The first episode of Season 5 will premiere on November 13, 2022. Paramount Network has not yet released a trailer for the upcoming season.

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