‘Yellowstone’ Fans Will Be Devastated By This Season 5 News

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Prepare to be dissatisfied if all you wanted for Christmas was to see a brand-new Yellowstone episode. On December 25, there won’t be a brand-new Yellowstone episode. Don’t plan on capping off your holiday festivities with a trip to the Dutton family ranch since the series is on break this week. And before you assume it’s because you’re on the bad list, be assured that season 5’s dark week was planned.

Fans are excited to see what happens after last week’s episode, “The Dream is Not Me.” The crew is getting ready to leave the ranch and move the herd of cattle, and although Rip, Beth, John, Summer, and the rest of the bunkhouse gang had fun at the county fair, the hard work has just begun. Perhaps more significantly, the episode closed with Jamie preparing to convene a special assembly to remove his father from his position as governor of Montana (and set himself up to be elected into office with Sarah’s assistance).

Knowing that a new episode will air on January 1 can help you plan your New Year’s weekend. But that will be the midseason finale, and Paramount Network has not said when the programme will return for the last six episodes of season 5. You’ll definitely want to ready yourself for this news.

We are now rewatching the first four seasons on Peacock and catching up on 1923 on Paramount+.

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