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Who is LMFAO Related to? The Surprising Family Ties of the Party Rockers

Who is LMFAO Related to? The Surprising Family Ties of the Party Rockers: In the world of music, some artists leave an unforgettable mark with their unique style and chart-topping hits. LMFAO is one such musical duo that dominated the dance and electronic music scene with their infectious party anthems. Comprising Redfoo and SkyBlu, LMFAO achieved global success with songs like “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It.” Amidst their electrifying performances and energetic music, rumors have surfaced about the possible family connections of the party rockers. In this article, we will delve into the truth behind these rumors and explore the surprising family ties of LMFAO.

LMFAO: The Party Rock Duo

Before we explore their family connections, let’s introduce LMFAO – the electrifying musical duo that took the world by storm. Formed in Los Angeles, California, LMFAO consisted of Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) and SkyBlu (Skyler Austen Gordy). Their fusion of dance, electronic, and hip-hop elements produced catchy tunes that became instant hits in the early 2010s.

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With their trademark blend of high-energy performances and humorous music videos, LMFAO quickly garnered a massive fan following and became synonymous with party anthems.

Redfoo: The Son of Music Royalty

To understand the intriguing family ties of LMFAO, we must first explore the musical lineage of Redfoo. Born on September 3, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, Redfoo is the son of Berry Gordy Jr., the legendary founder of Motown Records. Berry Gordy’s influence on the music industry is unparalleled, and his label launched the careers of iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross.

As the heir to a music empire, Redfoo had music in his blood and was destined to make a significant impact on the industry.

SkyBlu: The Nephew of Redfoo

Now, let’s uncover the surprising family connection between Redfoo and SkyBlu. SkyBlu, born on August 23, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, is the nephew of Redfoo. This family relationship established the foundation for the formation of LMFAO, as the two joined forces to create their infectious party music.

The duo’s shared passion for music and their unique chemistry on stage contributed to the success and popularity of LMFAO.

The Birth of LMFAO

With Redfoo as the son of the legendary Berry Gordy Jr. and SkyBlu as his nephew, the duo joined forces in 2006 to create the group LMFAO. Their debut album, “Party Rock,” released in 2009, introduced their signature style to the world. The album’s title track, “Party Rock Anthem,” became an international sensation, dominating the charts and becoming a staple in clubs and parties worldwide.

LMFAO’s infectious beats and catchy lyrics resonated with audiences, and the duo’s unique approach to music solidified their position as party rock royalty.

Redfoo and SkyBlu’s Musical Journey

Over the years, Redfoo and SkyBlu continued their musical journey as LMFAO, releasing hit after hit that kept fans dancing and singing along. Their second album, “Sorry for Party Rocking,” further solidified their status as musical sensations, featuring chart-topping tracks like “Sexy and I Know It.”

The duo’s high-octane performances and flamboyant style made them a must-see act at concerts and music festivals, captivating audiences with their energy and charisma.

LMFAO’s Hiatus and Individual Pursuits

Despite their massive success, LMFAO announced a hiatus in 2012 to pursue individual projects and explore new creative avenues. During this period, Redfoo and SkyBlu embarked on solo careers, each bringing their unique musical flavors to the forefront.

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Redfoo continued to release solo tracks and collaborated with various artists, infusing his distinctive style into his music. SkyBlu, on the other hand, explored a solo career under the stage name “8ky” and showcased his versatility as an artist.

LMFAO’s Legacy

While Redfoo and SkyBlu pursued solo endeavors, LMFAO’s impact on the music industry continued to be felt. The duo’s legacy as party rockers and purveyors of infectious dance tracks solidified their place in music history.

LMFAO’s music continues to resonate with new generations, and their influence on pop culture remains significant. Fans around the world still flock to the dance floor when “Party Rock Anthem” comes on, a testament to the timeless appeal of LMFAO’s music.


In conclusion, the musical duo LMFAO consists of Redfoo, the son of music legend Berry Gordy Jr., and SkyBlu, Redfoo’s nephew. Their surprising family connection laid the groundwork for the creation of LMFAO and their unparalleled success in the music industry.

As party rockers, LMFAO’s infectious beats and high-energy performances captivated audiences worldwide, making them a household name and a staple in dance music.

While LMFAO’s members pursued individual projects during their hiatus, their legacy as party rock royalty endures. Their music continues to resonate with fans, and their influence on pop culture remains timeless.

As fans, we can celebrate LMFAO’s remarkable musical journey and look forward to the potential for future collaborations that may bring the party rockers back together.


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