Who Is Getting a (Problem-Solving!) Job Change in Blue Bloods Season 13?

Once Season 13 of CBS’ Blue Bloods premieres, someone in the Reagan family will need to get new business cards.

When responding to a query from an Inside Line reader about if any characters would advance in rank during Season 13, which debuts on Friday, Oct. 7, Kevin Wade, the showrunner for what is often Friday’s most viewed programme throughout the TV season, revealed some “promotion” information (now leading out of the new firefighter drama Fire Country).

Additionally, the imminent employment move will resolve a little issue that the crime drama has been kind of ignoring.

Wade recalled that while there is no official legislation prohibiting couples from working together in a precinct, the issue was raised when Jamie and Eddie (played by Will Estes and Vanessa Ray) were married. But this season, they have a new commanding officer (Sgt. McNichols, played by Stephanie Kurtzuba), who tells them right away that “one of you is going to transfer at the end of the day.”

Jamie and Eddie won’t really have to say goodbye to the 29th precinct, however – plot surprise! If you don’t want to discover how they prevent the “split-up,” stop reading right now.

Wade hinted that Sgt. McNichols would really “find another way” to resolve the issue by promoting Jamie to Field Information Officer for that precinct. Although he is not in uniform, he is not there for the morning rollout, and all of that, it is still a very legitimate position with the NYPD.

Wade noted that before a suspect is sent out to the district attorney, the Field Information Officer’s responsibility is to “take the normal perp who is brought in for whatever he’s brought in for” and evaluate his potential worth as a confidential informant. The Field Information Officer sits them down and says, “I believe we can probably cut you a break on this, depending on what you can provide us,” if he seems to be a possible “treasure chest.”

According to Wade, Jamie’s employment as a FIO will be “an intriguing bit of diplomacy and hard-nosed policing, and a fishing expedition.” In addition, it will allow Jamie to continue building his lawman career at the same station where his wife Eddie also works.

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