Virgin River: Where All The Relationships Stand After Season 4

Where All The Relationships Stand in Virgin River After Season Four

Since Virgin River Season 4’s debut as part of the 2022 TV schedule, romance-loving fans with a Netflix account have had more than a month to enjoy it. During this slightly lengthier season than usual, we were treated to some significant surprises, and by the startling Virgin River Season 4 finale, at least some of the things we were most anticipating for these episodes had materialised.

But the various relationships that dominate most of the action in the small Northern California town are something that we all care about very much when it comes to Virgin River. Let’s take a look back at where all of the important relationships on the series stand after the most recent episodes in anticipation of Virgin River Season 5, which is most likely to premiere at some point in 2023. Naturally, a lot of Virgin River Season 4 will be revealed here, so feel free to stay away until you’re up to speed!

Jack and Mel

Good, good, good! Even the majority of their neighbours are extremely captivated by the union, which is why everyone understands that Mel and Jack’s swift friendship-to-love situation is the biggest romance in town. As the third season of Virgin River came to a close, Jack was still making an effort to work things out with Charmaine so that he could be present for the birth of his twins. Mel also interrupted Jack’s proposal by revealing that she was expecting a child but wasn’t sure if he was the father.

After some delay, Jack made another attempt at his proposal in the penultimate episode of Season 4. This time, it worked beautifully since Mel accepted. The results of the paternity test were then given to Mel and Jack the following day, confirming Jack’s paternity. However, in other stunning news, Charmaine (DAMMIT, CHARMAINE!) finally informed the couple during the last moments of the episode that Jack is NOT the father of her unborn twins. Mel and Jack are still together romantically, although she might need to assist Jack in dealing with the effects of Charmaine’s revelation in Season 5.

Charmaine and Jack

In relation to Jack and Charmaine… For a large portion of Season 4, most viewers undoubtedly believed that the conflict between these two was largely resolved. We no longer received threats from Charmaine’s new husband, Todd, about taking the twins away from Jack, and Charmaine no longer appeared interested in doing so. Together, Jack and Charmaine organised the twins’ baby shower and everything seemed to be going well… until she ruined his life with that season-ending confession. When Season 5 resumes, we will probably witness at least one highly serious talk between them that uses heavy language. Jack’s reaction left him speechless.

Todd and Charmaine

This is a little bit of a mystery that I sincerely hope will be resolved in Season 5. After meeting Todd in Season 3 and seeing him a few times, he was essentially absent from Season 4 with the exception of Charmaine’s occasional remarks. Before making her confession, she told Mel and Jack that “He’s…” one of those times. He’s leaving me, I know it! My best assumption is that Charmaine also misled Todd about the paternity of her twins, and when he found out the truth, he stormed out, which triggered Charmaine’s meltdown in the finale. We’ll have to wait and watch how their marriage develops in the upcoming season.

Denny, Ricky, and Lizzie

Lizzie ended her arduous relationship with Ricky in Virgin River Season 3 when she learned that he had enlisted in the Marines without telling her first and was set to leave for basic training. Although Lizzie was happily single at the beginning of Season 4, Ricky was unmistakably attempting to woo her back. It failed, and Ricky returned to base knowing that Lizzie and Denny, the newcomer and Doc’s recently discovered grandson, had already developed a deep bond. Season 5 may be emotionally challenging for the new sorta-couple because at the finale, Denny had to tell Lizzie that he has a life-threatening illness(opens in new tab).

Julia, Paige, and the Preacher?

After finding that friend/potential love interest Paige was on the run from her abusive ex-husband and then assisting her in hiding his body when an argument resulted in his death, Preacher came perilously near to being involved in one issue after another for four entire seasons. But Preacher eventually found his way to safety and eventually developed a close relationship with his adorable Aikido instructor, Julia, following a highly perilous Season 3 finale that saw him poisoned and abandoned in the woods while attempting to help Paige.

However! Who eventually came up again but Paige, and she was just as full of romance-distracting drama as ever as Preach and Julia were enjoying another intimate evening. Now that they appear to have finally gotten rid of Paige’s violent ex-brother-in-law, it’s possible that Preacher will find himself having to decide between (a presumably calmer now) Paige and his new relationship with lovely Julia in Season 5. Julia moved aside to allow Preacher assist Paige out.

Brady and Brie

Despite my support for them, I don’t anticipate these two having easy sailing anytime soon. In season 4, Brie and Mike worked to free Brady from prison and clear his name by establishing that he did not shoot Jack. They got even closer, and Brie felt safe informing Brady that her ex-boyfriend had molested her. Brady took full responsibility for once and reacted in the right way.

But! Brady’s new boss appears to be even more dangerous, well-connected, and at a much higher level in the drug-dealing operation he’s been attempting to flee from. In addition, Brie’s dangerous ex is suddenly popping up in Virgin River. Brady and Brie are a strong relationship, but Season 5 might present them with even more grave challenges.

Doc and Hope

Doc and Hope were certainly having problems managing Hope’s recovery from her severe brain damage following her automobile accident, even though they were firmly back together (and without any further interference from Muriel). Additionally, they had to deal with Denny’s entrance, whose arrival was complicated by the secrecy surrounding his medical condition, which made him appear highly suspect throughout the majority of the season.

As Hope continues to recuperate in Season 5, they will assist Denny in dealing with his problem now that they are aware of it. Doc, meantime, must deal with the likelihood that new hire Cameron has actually left the company, and Mel will eventually have to leave the clinic to give birth. But given what Doc and Hope have already endured, I have faith in them to handle whatever the upcoming season throws at them.

Virgin River Season 5 is currently in production, however until we learn when it will be available, you can watch Seasons 1-4 whenever you like on Netflix(opens in new tab).

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