Tower of God Season 2 Officially Announced

Tower of God, a manhwa series from South Korea, will have a second anime season. During the Crunchyroll Expo 2022, information about Tower of God season 2 was made public. The production studio, cast, and release date have not yet been made public. A Tower of God season 2 official trailer has been made available on Crunchyroll.

Telecom Animation Film created the first season of the Tower of God anime. In Crunchyroll, it was broadcast from April through June of 2020. Additionally, a Tower of God-themed video game is in the works.

Season 2 of Tower of God

S.I.U, the author of the Tower of God manhwa series, expressed his joy at the news of a second season. “I have already come to you with the news of season 2 of the anime, even if it seems like season 1 released only yesterday,” he wrote. Thank you to the creators and viewers of anime, and I look forward to season 2. Thanks a lot!

The Tower of God anime series is based on the S.I.U. manhwa series of the same name. Since June 2010, the manhwa serial has been published on Naver Webtoon. As of July 2022, the chapters of the manhwa have been compiled into ten volumes. In July 2014, Line Webtoon decided to translate the manhwa into official English.

The second season of the Tower of God anime series is coming, however the manhwa series has been put on permanent pause due to the author’s health problems. When the Tower of God manhwa series will resume is not yet known.


There is a tower that calls out to chosen individuals known as “Regulars,” promising to fulfil their most sincere desires. Everything is waiting for those who reach the top, whether it’s money, fame, power, or something more. Bam is a young boy who has spent his entire existence only knowing a dark cave, a filthy fabric, and an impassable light. Then, everything in his life changed when a girl named Rachel came up to him via the light.

He got to know Rachel well and learned a lot from her about the outside world. However, her world collapses around her when Rachel announces that she must leave him to climb the Tower. She sets her sights on the tower and a miracle happens as she swears to follow her no matter what. Thus starts the voyage of Bam, a young man who selected the Tower for himself rather than being chosen by it. They refer to their kind as “Irregulars,” creatures who have shook the Tower’s foundation each time they entered it.

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