The third season of “Reina Del Sur” on Telemundo has been given a new timeslot and a premiere date.

For the much awaited third season of La Reina del Sur, which is based on the best-selling novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte, Kate del Castillo returns as Teresa Mendoza. When it first aired on Telemundo in 2011, the sitcom was a success. The sequel, which will premiere in April 2019, took the network eight years to produce, and the third chapter took an additional three.

The third episode will debut on Tuesday, October 18, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, an hour sooner than in previous seasons, according to a Telemundo announcement.

The network also released a brand-new teaser to pique the interest of ardent viewers. The show’s star promoted it among her nine million Instagram followers, garnering over 100,000 likes in no time.

The third season of La Reina del Sur begins with Teresa imprisoned in the United States for the killings of three DEA officers, four years after the second season. She and Sofia, her daughter, are apart once more. After a spectacular jailbreak, she is let free, returning to a clandestine world driven by alliances and dark deals and embarking on yet another action-packed journey as she tries to put an end to her existence as a wanted criminal and reunite with her daughter.

“The third season, this one, has nothing to do with drug trafficking. Drug trafficking has nothing to do with it. As a result, I am overjoyed since I always believed that Teresa Mendoza is Teresa Mendoza regardless of her line of work. She makes the most of living in this man’s environment despite the fact that she is a survivor and doesn’t victimise herself despite having been a victim. She is now a mother. This third one has a significantly more mature woman “revealed del Castillo earlier this month during a virtual press tour.

“According to Karen Barroeta, EVP, Production & Development, Telemundo Global Studios, “La Reina del Sur reigns supreme as the cornerstone of our Super SeriesTM franchises, and this epic saga continues filled with action, suspense, and adventure, revealing Teresa Mendoza’s new purpose and putting her skills, grit, and cunning to the test. “Kate del Castillo continues to play a significant role in the reason why the show’s appeal among and outside of our Spanish-speaking audience keeps growing. We are confident that this third season of La Reina will be a game-changer that will continue to build her popularity and affect Spanish-language media for years to come because of her star power and an engaging story.”

La Reina del Sur, one of Telemundo’s most well-known properties, is returning in the aim of boosting the network’s ratings during primetime.

The series’ first season’s conclusion, which performed better than any other television network, regardless of language, in 2011, smashed viewing records. Regardless of language, the second episode finished its run as the top show at 10 p.m. It also won an International Emmy Award for Best Non-English Language U.S. Primetime Program. From 9 to 11 p.m., Telemundo presently trails rival Univision.

Along with Kate del Castillo from “Bad Boys for Life,” “Ingobernable,” and “Maya and the Three,” other actors from the series include Pêpê Rapazote from “Queen of the South,” “Shameless,” Humberto Zurita from “La Querida del Centauro,” Isabella Sierra from “La Reina del Sur 2,” Kika Edgar from “La Reina del Sur 2,” Alejandro Calva from “La

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