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The Friendship Between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

In the realm of professional wrestling, there are rare instances when the bond between two superstars transcends the ring. Such is the case with the legendary Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, whose friendship extended beyond their wrestling careers. Fans have long wondered about the nature of their relationship, speculating whether they were more than just colleagues in the world of WWE. This article aims to delve into the truth behind the friendship between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, exploring their background and shared experiences and uncovering the heartwarming bond that united them. Join us as we navigate the lives of these esteemed wrestlers, shedding light on the enigmatic connection between these two iconic figures.

Understanding Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Before we delve into the depths of their friendship, it is crucial to appreciate Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio as individuals who made indelible marks in the world of professional wrestling.

Eddie Guerrero, known for his charisma, technical prowess, and magnetic personality, rose to fame as a member of the famous Guerrero wrestling family. His journey in wrestling was marked by numerous accomplishments, including holding multiple championships and becoming a fan-favorite for his entertaining antics both in and out of the ring.

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Rey Mysterio, on the other hand, is recognized as one of the most influential high-flyers in wrestling history. With his distinctive lucha libre style and iconic masks, Rey Mysterio captured the hearts of fans worldwide. His agility, athleticism, and captivating performances cemented his status as one of the all-time greats in professional wrestling.

The Friendship Between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio’s friendship blossomed during their time in various wrestling promotions, but it was during their tenure in WWE that their bond truly flourished. Both Eddie and Rey shared a deep passion for the sport and mutual respect for each other’s abilities.

Their friendship became evident in their on-screen chemistry, as they formed a tag team known as “The Filthy Animals.” The duo delighted fans with their high-octane performances and camaraderie, further strengthening their bond inside and outside the ring.

Beyond Wrestling: Personal Support and Mentorship

While the duo thrived as a team, their friendship extended beyond the scripted world of wrestling. Eddie Guerrero was instrumental in supporting Rey Mysterio during difficult personal times, providing a guiding light and a source of encouragement.

Eddie’s mentorship played a pivotal role in Rey Mysterio’s career, helping him navigate the often challenging world of professional wrestling. Eddie’s experience, wisdom, and genuine care for Rey’s well-being contributed to the younger wrestler’s growth and success.

Facing Challenges Together

Their friendship was tested during a highly emotional storyline in WWE when Rey Mysterio faced the tragic passing of his close friend, Eddie Guerrero. The promotion tastefully acknowledged Eddie’s death in their programming, honoring the late wrestler’s legacy and showcasing the profound impact he had on those around him, especially Rey Mysterio.

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In one of the most poignant moments in wrestling history, Rey Mysterio dedicated his performance in a championship match at WrestleMania 22 to his late friend Eddie Guerrero. The emotional connection between the two was evident as Rey wore attire honoring Eddie, signifying the enduring bond they shared.

The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Tragically, Eddie Guerrero’s life was cut short in 2005, leaving behind a profound void in the wrestling world and in the hearts of those who knew him. In the wake of his passing, Rey Mysterio continued to honor Eddie’s memory, frequently paying tribute to his dear friend in his matches and public appearances.

Eddie Guerrero’s legacy lives on not only through his own achievements but also through the impact he had on Rey Mysterio’s life and career. Their friendship stands as a testament to the power of camaraderie and mentorship in an industry often marked by intense competition.


In conclusion, the friendship between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio transcended the scripted world of professional wrestling. Their bond extended beyond the ring, as they shared a profound connection built on mutual respect, personal support, and mentorship. Their camaraderie and on-screen chemistry delighted fans and their friendship left an enduring legacy in the wrestling world.

As we celebrate the lives and careers of Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, let us also cherish the heartwarming friendship they shared. Their story is a reminder of the profound impact genuine friendships can have, even in an industry as competitive as professional wrestling. Eddie Guerrero’s mentorship and Rey Mysterio’s heartfelt tributes continue to honor the memory of their enduring friendship, reminding us of the power of camaraderie and support in the wrestling community.


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