The Final Thoughts of Queen Elizabeth II on Meghan Markle

The Final Thoughts of Queen Elizabeth II on Meghan Markle: In an astonishing revelation, just one month before her passing, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t hold back on sharing her views about Meghan Markle. As the dust begins to settle and the world grapples with the loss of a monarch, fresh insights emerge from Buckingham Palace’s heart.

Elizabeth II’s Legacy

Her Majestic Reign

Queen Elizabeth II, often touted as the embodiment of British tradition, has witnessed more than six decades of change. From the post-war period to the digital age, her reign has been a pillar of stability for many.

The Winds of Change

Yet, with time, there have been inevitable shifts within the royal family. Newer generations, like the waves they ride, have brought along their own tides of change, sometimes creating ripples in the calm royal waters.

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The Meghan Markle Controversy

Origins of the Dispute

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, undoubtedly brought fresh air to the royal household. An American actress with a penchant for philanthropy, her introduction to Prince Harry seemed like a fairy tale. But, as they say, “all that glitters is not gold.”

The Oprah Interview – A Turning Point?

The couple’s candid interview with Oprah Winfrey sent shockwaves around the world. Allegations, revelations, and a raw display of emotions left audiences divided and the monarchy under scrutiny.

Elizabeth’s Personal Take on Meghan

Verbal Revelations

So, what was the Queen’s take on all this? A month before her demise, Elizabeth II expressed her opinion about Meghan Markle rather strongly. While she was known for her diplomacy and restraint, the monarch seemed to have her moments of sincerity.

The Monarch’s Dilemma

Balancing personal sentiments with the dignity of the crown is no mean feat. Was the Queen torn between familial love and her duty to the throne? Only time will tell if more such revelations come to the fore.

The Public’s Reaction

From British Citizens

The British public, known for its stiff upper lip, had mixed reactions. While many empathized with the Queen’s sentiments, others felt it was a private matter that should have remained within the palace walls.

International Perspectives

Across the pond, opinions varied widely. Some viewed the Queen’s remarks as a reflection of generational gaps, while others saw it as an insight into the challenges of modern monarchy.


  1. What exactly did Queen Elizabeth say about Meghan?
    The specific details of her statements remain undisclosed to the public. However, sources confirm she expressed her views “rather strongly.”
  2. How did Meghan and Harry respond?
    There hasn’t been an official response from the Sussexes as of now.
  3. Are there more revelations expected from the Palace?
    It’s hard to predict, but the royal family usually maintains discretion in such matters.
  4. How has this affected the royal family’s image?
    The family’s image has always been under scrutiny. Like many others, this incident has evoked varied responses from the public.
  5. What was the nature of the Queen’s relationship with Meghan?
    While the two shared several public appearances together, the true nature of their relationship remains a subject of speculation.
  6. Did the Oprah interview impact the Queen’s opinion?
    While the interview did stir controversy, it’s uncertain if it directly influenced the Queen’s opinion of Meghan.


The monarchy, a centuries-old institution, has always been at the intersection of public life and private sentiments. The recent revelations about Queen Elizabeth II’s views on Meghan Markle have reignited discussions about the challenges faced by modern royals. As the world remembers the Queen’s legacy, it’s essential to approach such topics with empathy and understanding. For, as the age-old adage goes, “To err is human.”


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