The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9 Episode 16 Release Date: The Team Will Be Digging Some Gold

We’ll discover how all of that hard work, excavating, and prospecting pays off at the conclusion of this thrilling season of The Curse of Oak Island. We’ll discover how all that digging in that terrible swamp makes Rick and Marty grin brilliantly in Season 9 Episode 16 of The Curse of Oak Island, dubbed “Gold Diggers.” As we’ve seen in previous episodes, the swamp has produced a number of wooden components, but this time is far better.

But that’s not all: right before the end of the season, the Money Pit will surprise the Lagina brothers and their team with one last and spectacular surprise. That segment’s surveying has paid off handsomely, as we’ve seen how the digging has yielded adequate proof that the crew is on the correct route. Now, without further ado, let’s get started on this subject.

Recap of Season 9 Episode 15 of The Curse of Oak Island

The episode begins in the Money Pit, where the crew is working on excavating a ten-foot-wide steel cage shaft with heavy gear. However, there are various environmental constraints in that area, which slows down the Lagina crew’s progress. Nonetheless, Marty Lagina is hopeful that they will work effectively together with ROC equipment to achieve their goals.

Marty Lagina packs an item he finds at the digging sites and brings it to Dr. Chris McFarlane, an Earth Sciences professor, for study using different laser ablation procedures. That’s the same procedure used to verify the legitimacy of the Knight’s Templar Cross discovered a few seasons ago. The metal relic was discovered to be authentic European in origin, although not from England.

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The cage shaft drilling exploration becomes a problem at around 75 feet. They come upon an antique metal relic and a clubbed nail. All the while, Rick Lagina and the rest of the team inspect the trash from the excavated dirt conveyor belt. During a shift, the operator notifies the Laginas that the big excavator has come upon an item that it is unable to recover. In addition, the Laginas are unsure what digging deeper will entail.

The barrier is removed and sifted through the earth after moving the excavator deeper down the borehole. They come upon a massive rock that has obvious traces of being altered in the past for mining reasons, indicating that they’re on the correct track. But that’s not all; they also discover wood that can be used with beams, as well as a boot at a depth of eighty feet. And it might set them on the right track to uncovering even more valuable information in the money hole. Right at the end of the program, we’re left with a cliffhanger with what they discover for the next episode.

Season 9 Trailer for The Curse of Oak Island:

Season 9 Episode 16 of The Curse of Oak Island is now available to stream online.

The Curse of Oak Island Season nine Episode 16 breaths of air on the History Channel during prime time. If you missed the original episode, you might watch it on the History Channel website or on the History Channel app. Online episodes are available via Xfinity, DirecTV, Spectrum, Sling TV, and Philo TV. Season nine episodes are also available for purchase or renting on Videon OD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Store, Vudu, and iTunes. If you want to catch up on the program, Peacock TV has the first seven seasons accessible.

The launch date for The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Episode 16 has been confirmed.

On February 22, 2022, at 21:00 a.m. Eastern Time, The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Episode 16 will broadcast on the History Channel. Every Tuesday, a new episode is published, lasting around 45 minutes. Furthermore, these will be the last episodes of the season. We’ve reached the conclusion of our coverage of The Curse of Oak Island here at newusanews. Thank you for reading, and please check back with us on a regular basis for updates on all of your favorite shows, movies, and television series.

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