The Batman 2: Robert Pattinson is ALREADY WORKING on a Sequel Idea

Post-credits scene: “Goodbye” in the Riddler’s green message (like the Matrix’s coding console meets QAnon message). “You believe I’m done, but maybe you didn’t have the foggiest clue about the complete truth,” read a code on the site yesterday. Every time a project is completed, it’s like starting over. “Something’s going to happen.” What’s more, The Batman 2 could arrive sooner than anticipated.

Matt Reeves’ neo-noir take on the DC Comics character, The Batman, eschewed the traditional first-film narrative. As Bruce’s family passes away, he encounters his first true scoundrel and overcomes his fear of taking on the image of a bat. A more seasoned Batman (in his second year after caped crusading) allows the plot to shake off ponderous opening demonstrations: Batman’s bildungsroman is replaced with an adult person stage.

In another discussion, Robert Pattinson, who plays Batman, revealed that he is already thinking about possible sequels to the next DC Comics film. The actor remarked he couldn’t think of anything better than to reprise his role as Batman in more movies, and he recently portrayed how “Bruce’s cerebrum science would foster north of two different films: ” ” In the Batman universe, it’s possible to confirm Pattinson’s suspicions about extras. “The establishment that you can manufacture stories later,” says Batman director Dylan Clarke to Empire, indicating that even Warner is already checking out planned continuations. Meanwhile, while Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed The Batman 2, we can anticipate future films. We may have to wait our turn.

Reeves said on the internet broadcast, “Listen to this, I have a tonne of thoughts surrounding what I need to do.” What follows is a mystery to me.” My goal is to take these characters, precisely Batman’s mentality, and position them in passionate jeopardy… The stakes would be high if you were to be introduced to that character’s story.” Aside from The Penguin, an HBO Max spinoff series, and an unspecified show about either the Gotham Police Department or Arkham Asylum, Reeves is now expanding his Batman universe for television in his own right. Reeves wants a fully developed Batman, no matter how imperfect. He needs to spend more time developing his character on a deeper level. It takes a great deal of bravery to open a movie theatre with Wayne as a kid.

What can we expect from The Batman 2? It’s impossible to say anything about whether or not Robin might be a good candidate. In response to this, Reeves said, “Perhaps. We’ll say, “Maybe,” for now. My head is spinning, and I’m at a loss for words. The Batman 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but rumors about a sequel have been floating around the Internet for a long time.

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