P-Valley Season 2, Episode 7 Release Time: What time is Jackson out?

Three years after its Starz debut for the first season, P-Valley returned for series two this year. Since the first of June 2022, the stripper drama has shown weekly episodes every Sunday night. However, when P-Valley did not appear for its most recent instalment last week, fans were dismayed.

When will P-Valley season 2, episode 7 be released?

P-Valley season two had been releasing a brand-new episode on its streaming service and US network, Starz, every Sunday until last weekend. Episode 7 of season 2 unfortunately didn’t air because the drama had a planned hiatus from airing.

There are still a few episodes remaining to air before the season is over, thus the season isn’t quite ended yet. There isn’t much more to wait as P-Valley season two goes on.

On July 24 at 10 p.m. ET, Starz will air the first episode of P-Valley season two. However, because the UK is in a different time zone, the timing will be different if you’re watching there.

Instead, the most recent episode will be available to UK viewers at 2AM GMT on Starzplay through Amazon Prime Video.

There will be plenty of drama to develop, judging by what happened in episode six of Savage.

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