One Piece Chapter 1047: Release Date & Other updates

One Piece, a popular manga series from Japan, has been running for two decades. Continued depiction of Luffy and his companions in the Wano arc will be featured in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1047. On April 25, 2022, Chapter 1047 will be released. One Piece is also one of the most financially successful media franchises ever. An adventurous young guy named Monkey D.Luffy sets off from the Blue East Sea in search of fame and fortune, inspired by his childhood hero and legendary pirate “RedHeak” Shanks.

In the last chapter, what happened?

Finally, Kaidou comes to grips with Luffy has awakened thanks to his Devil Fruit and that he now has complete freedom. After being questioned by Luffy about his true identity, Joy Boy responded by declaring that he would become the Pirate King and overthrow him.

One Piece Chapter 1046 debuted Luffy’s new Lightning Mode form. Meanwhile, the ruins of the castle are ablaze. As a result of Kanjuro’s “Burning Hatred,” the city of Onigashima was destroyed. Everybody on Onigashima Island went into a panic. After Raizou used his ninjutsu scroll, released water from Zou, and instructed Jinbe to carry the water around, the flames were extinguished.

The Kaidou is still alive as Yamato runs downstairs to Momonosuke. Yamato regains consciousness and predicts that the raging cloud of fire will dissipate in the not too distant future. For this reason, Momo has to develop it more robustly.

How is One Piece Chapter 1047 going to pan out?

On the other hand, Luffy’s unexpected bravery prevents him from colliding with the Flower Capital as Luffy continues his war against the Kaidou.

In One Piece Chapter 1047, the Skull Dome’s rooftop combat appears to be far from over. Instead, before Luffy destroys the oddest species on the planet, the plot will take an even more fascinating turn in the following chapter. Some details regarding Joyboy can be learned by reading this novel. Due to a week-long hiatus, the famous manga by legendary creator Eiichiro Oda will not have a new chapter next Sunday.

In One Piece Chapter 1047, we learned more about Zunisha, a character who could play a crucial role in preserving Onigashima from destruction. Because only Momonosuke can communicate with the enigmatic elephant Zunisha, he may wish to enlist Zunisha’s assistance in transporting a floating island. Only in this manner can the island be saved. An exciting surprise attack will happen in future chapters as Luffy masters Gear 5 and awakens the Devil Fruit.

When and where can you catch up on the One Piece manga, if at all?

After a one-week break, One Piece Chapter 1047 will be released on April 24, 2022. Raw scans will be available for viewing a few days before their public release. The Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus applications and websites allow you to read manga online for free. The following manga volume and pages have yet to be formally released.

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