Now You See Me 3 : Latest Update

The first two sequels of the heist thriller film “Now You See Me” did really well at the box office.  The reviews were mixed, but it still made a lot of money. Now there is another movie coming out called “Now You See Me 3.”

Jon Feltheimer, the CEO of Lionsgate, said that they had begun early planning for Now You See Me 3. Then he got sick, and now it is delayed.

Recently, we talked to Jesse Eisenberg. He is the actor in Justice League. He tells us about Now You See Me three and also his character’s development in the movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who is an actor in Sherlock, has joined the cast of the movie. Some people said that he would play a villain or a cop in the movie. But they were wrong.

There are two people coming in the third movie. Lizzy Caplan will play Lula May, and Mark Ruffalo will play Dylan Rhodes Shrike. The other stars who may come back in the third movie are Morgan Freeman (Thaddeus Bradley), Dave Franco (Jack Wilder), Michael Caine (Arthur Tressler).
The story for the third movie is different than the first two movies. A new writer, Eric Warren Singer, was hired to write the script. He wrote one of the scripts for Top Gun: Maverick and was nominated for an Oscar for American Hustle.

Now You See Me 3 Latest Update

Nathan Kahane says, “Eric has always been fascinated with the art of deception and illusion. He came to us with a story that is about people who are trying to deceive others. They are called The Four Horsemen.”

Now You See Me films have been built on surprising the audience. If you do the same tricks, people will stop being surprised. So Eric and his team of illusionists have a new trick for this film.

The date that you can watch the movie, Now You See Me 3, is not ready to be released yet. Stay on Devdiscourse to find out when it is.

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