Motherland: Fort Salem Boss Extends on “New Beginning” of Series Finale, Justifies One “Terrible” Death

The world will figuratively never be the same after the witches of Motherland: Fort Salem sung their last song on Tuesday.

Here’s a little summary before we hear from series creator Eliot Laurence on the “unapologetically optimistic” conclusion of the finale:

The witches of Fort Salem defended their stronghold against the Camarilla as Alder feverishly searched the globe for the last fragment of the First Song. a well-known situation? Of course, but unlike the fight that served as the season finale last year (known as “Revolution Part 1”), this one (appropriately labelled “Revolution Part 2”) had a considerably joyful conclusion.

This is not to argue that the conflict was without its difficulties. We regret to inform you that Anacostia Quartermain, who prevented everyone from being crushed by a flying vehicle, was murdered while doing her official duties. Though she herself did not survive the collision, don’t worry—we’ll talk about Laurence’s tragedy in more detail later.

The climax of the finale occurred within the Mycelium, of all places. But as Tally had predicted, Alder showed up with important news instead of Raelle blowing up the world with a witch bomb. The last component of the song was always in Abigail since the Bellweathers used to be stewards. Play some music!

That song altered the term, as the Mother would later clarify (via Alder). I merged with six ladies a long time ago. Their speech and hearing were altered by me. My powers spread through their families, and the six were renowned as witches to their offspring. Thank you to you three, my gift is now freely delivered. They are all awake and singing the same melody.

They were given one more small surprise by Alder before she vanished into thin air: “They will name you goddesses. Make certain you uphold it.

What do you think of the Motherland series’ conclusion? After you vote in the poll down below, continue reading for Laurence’s analysis of the episode’s many happenings. When you’re done, leave a comment with a detailed analysis of Fort Salem’s last act.

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