‘Manifest’ Creator Jeff Rake Teased a “Very Important” Season 4 Announcement for This Weekend

News concerning the mystery jet drama is coming, manifesters.

There have been rumours of a special announcement on the forthcoming “828 Day” for a year after Netflix saved the show. As viewers are aware, the premise of Manifest centres on Flight 828’s abrupt disappearance and its consequences. The three-digit number identified the thrilling day that Netflix overturned NBC’s cancellation last summer, namely on August 28. Creator Jeff Rake has now publicly urged people to keep a look out for a further season 4 revelation this weekend.

“This is a tip. Pay very close attention on August 28th, 828, when you’re going to receive some extremely crucial information, just like last year, he said in a Twitter video.

Fans of Manifest responded to the August 14 video with a range of feelings. Many people were sure right away that Netflix will release a trailer. The streamer released a two-minute sneak preview of Michaela back in June (Melissa Roxburgh). She finds a man who has “Stone 828” tattooed on his arm after breaking into a shipping container in the excerpt. So the season 4 teaser trailer will be released on August 28th, right? One user tweeted something.

Others predicted that the programme would announce that it had secured a second payment. Another enthusiast said, “SEASON 5 IS COMING!” However, some people couldn’t help but be a little impatient and perplexed. A follower asked, “Like why is it taking forever?” Another person said, “I’m really perplexed right now.

Jinny Howe, a Netflix official, reportedly declined to clarify whether a release date and/or trailer would be disclosed. She did, however, say that “a few announcements” will be made “very soon.”

While it would make sense for season 4 of Manifest to premiere this weekend on August 28, Deadline has reported that the show will debut in the fall instead. Additionally, Manifest season 4 is rumoured to contain 20 brand-new episodes that will be divided into two distinct halves.

Jinny said that a fifth season is probably not going to materialise. In terms of whether there will be a satisfying closure going into the season, she said, “That is the plan currently [to end with season 4]. “We’ll offer some answers that, essentially, answer all the queries by the end of the season,” the statement reads.

The only thing people can do on 8/28, it seems, is to be vigilant!

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