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Is Zeke Related to Eren? The Truth Behind the Brothers of Attack on Titan

Is Zeke Related to Eren? The Truth Behind the Brothers of Attack on Titan: “Attack on Titan” is a highly popular anime and manga series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its gripping storyline and complex characters. Two central figures in the narrative are Zeke Yeager and Eren Yeager, whose relationship has been a subject of speculation among fans. Their shared last name and significant roles in the series have led many to wonder if they are related as brothers. In this article, we will delve into the details and explore the truth behind the connection between Zeke and Eren in “Attack on Titan.”

Understanding the Background

Before we unravel the mystery of their relationship, it is essential to provide some background information on Zeke Yeager and Eren Yeager. Zeke, also known as Beast Titan, is a prominent character in “Attack on Titan.” He possesses the power of the Beast Titan, which grants him the ability to control and command Titans. Zeke plays a crucial role in the story, being a key figure in the Marleyan government and the Warriors, who infiltrate Paradis Island.

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of “Attack on Titan,” is driven by a desire for freedom and discovery. He gains the power of the Attack Titan and later inherits the Founding Titan, making him a central player in the conflict between Marley and Paradis Island.

The Brothers’ Connection

One of the most prevailing theories among “Attack on Titan” fans is that Zeke and Eren are brothers due to their shared last name, Yeager. However, this speculation has prompted extensive discussions and debates within the fandom.

To unravel the truth, we must explore the complexities of the “Attack on Titan” universe and the characters’ pasts.

The Eldian People and Eldian Restorationists

In the world of “Attack on Titan,” humanity is divided into different factions, with the Eldians being one of the major groups. The Eldians possess the ability to transform into Titans, a power that both Zeke and Eren possess.

The Eldian Restorationists, a group aiming to reclaim the Founding Titan and restore Eldia’s power, played a significant role in shaping Zeke and Eren’s lives. Grisha Yeager, Eren’s father, was once a part of the Eldian Restorationists.

Grisha Yeager: The Father of Eren and Zeke

Grisha Yeager is revealed to be the father of both Eren and Zeke. He was an Eldian from Marley, initially driven by a desire for revenge against the Marleyan government for oppressing his people. Grisha was once a member of the Eldian Restorationists, a group seeking to bring back the Founding Titan’s power to Eldia.

Grisha’s Choice and the Power of the Titans

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Grisha had inherited the power of the Attack Titan from Eren Kruger, a previous holder of the Titan’s power. Eren Kruger’s words influenced Grisha’s decision to fight for the freedom of Eldia and his desire to pass on the Titan’s power to someone who could fulfill that goal.

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Grisha, driven by his convictions, eventually bestows the power of the Attack Titan upon Eren during a fateful event in the forest. This event marks the beginning of Eren’s journey as a key figure in the fight for freedom and survival.

Zeke’s Allegiance and Double Identity

Zeke, on the other hand, took a different path from his father and joined the Marleyan government. He became an integral part of the Warriors, a group of Eldian warriors who infiltrated Paradis Island to retrieve the Founding Titan and eliminate the threat posed by the island’s inhabitants.

Despite his apparent allegiance to Marley, Zeke’s true intentions and loyalties remain shrouded in mystery throughout much of the series.

The Complexities of the Yeager Family

The Yeager family’s complexities are central to the plot of “Attack on Titan.” Grisha’s decisions and the paths chosen by his two sons, Eren and Zeke, shape the course of the story.

While Eren and Zeke share the same father and last name, their differing paths and ideologies put them at odds with each other. Eren’s pursuit of freedom and his desire to protect his friends stand in contrast to Zeke’s involvement with Marley and his questionable intentions.

Revelations and Truths Unveiled

As the series progresses, crucial revelations come to light, shedding further light on the relationship between Zeke and Eren.

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One of the most significant revelations occurs when Eren learns about the memories stored within the Attack Titan. These memories include moments from previous Titan holders, including his father, Grisha. Through these memories, Eren gains insight into his father’s actions and the reasons behind his choices.

The Truth of Zeke and Eren’s Bond

As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that the bond between Zeke and Eren goes beyond their shared lineage as brothers. It is revealed that Zeke possesses the power of the Beast Titan, which grants him the ability to control Titans and influence the Eldian people.

Eren, through the memories of the Attack Titan, gains crucial information about Zeke’s intentions and the existence of the Founding Titan. This revelation deepens the complexities of their relationship, as Eren becomes aware of the significance of Zeke’s role in the larger conflict.

The Paths They Choose

As the narrative progresses, the two brothers continue to be at odds with each other, representing different ideologies and paths. Zeke’s allegiance to Marley and his desire to euthanize the Eldian race clash with Eren’s fight for freedom and his determination to protect his loved ones.

Their conflicting ideals set the stage for a dramatic confrontation and shape the direction of the story as it nears its conclusion.


In conclusion, Zeke Yeager and Eren Yeager are indeed brothers in the world of “Attack on Titan.” Their shared lineage as the sons of Grisha Yeager links them as family members. However, the complexities of their relationship go far beyond their shared last name.

The diverging paths they choose and the clash of their ideologies create a compelling narrative in “Attack on Titan.” As the series nears its conclusion, the fates of the two brothers and the resolution of their conflict remain to be seen.

The tale of Zeke and Eren serves as a powerful exploration of familial bonds, individual choices, and the consequences of one’s actions. As fans eagerly await the conclusion of “Attack on Titan,” the brothers’ story continues to captivate and resonate with audiences around the world.


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