In Season 3 of “Bridgerton,” Phoebe Dynevor Claims She isn’t involved. I Did My Two Seasons

At least until Season 3, Phoebe Dynevor will no longer be a part of “Bridgerton.” The actor who portrayed Daphne Bridgerton in the show’s first two seasons confirmed she won’t be appearing in the third one. The star of “Bridgerton’s” wildly successful first season was Dynevor’s Daphne. Season 2 saw her go into a supporting role.

Dynevor responded to a recent question regarding her “Bridgerton” future by saying, “Well, I done my two seasons.” She had a terrific arc, and I’ve accomplished my goals with her. Who knows? I could be questioned again in the future.

To ScreenRant, Dynevor was even more honest, stating that she “unfortunately” will not be appearing in Season 3. in the future, maybe. I’m just eager to watch as a fan, though, for Season 3.

Variety contacted Netflix for comment, but it has not heard back.

Each season of the television show “Bridgerton,” which is based on Julia Quinn’s well-known book series, focuses on a new couple connected to the Bridgerton clan. The first season’s major focus was the romance between Daphne (Dynevor) and Duke Simon (Regé-Jean Page), while Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate (Sime Ashley) were the key characters in Season 2. In Season 2, Page was a non-star, and Dynevor’s position was considerably diminished. Nicola Coughlan’s Penelope and Luke Newton’s Colin Bridgerton will be the main characters of “Bridgerton’s” forthcoming third season.

In Season 3, “Bridgertonnew “‘s showrunner Jess Brownwell previously stated to Variety that “it’s Colin and Penelope’s moment.”

We’ve already invested a little bit in these performers because we’ve been watching them on our televisions since Season 1. We are familiar with their personalities, Brownwell continued. “I feel like there are these moments of tension between them, especially in the last season, where Colin nearly realises that Penelope has feelings for him but doesn’t quite make it,” the speaker said. We wished to advance that dynamic into their season rather than simply maintaining it. The timing for teeing it up definitely seemed right.

Netflix currently offers the first two seasons of “Bridgerton.”

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