Everything We Know From ‘Virgin River’ Season 5

Virgin River, a smash on Netflix, has a retro vibe that draws inspiration from vintage small-town shows like Friday Night Lights and Dawson’s Creek. The relationships are slow-burning, the pacing is languid, and there aren’t many electronics to speak of, yet Netflix has moved quickly to capitalise on its surprising success, quickly renewing Virgin River for seasons 4 and 5 after the release of season three. Virgin River fans can’t wait to see when season 5 of the show will premiere and what it might entail now that season 4 is already out there.

On that front, we have both positive and negative news: The unexpected postponement of the fifth season’s filming from March 2022 to July 2022 was four months long. Mel’s actress Alexandra Breckenridge informed Glamour that Virgin River had been postponed during an interview about This Is Us: She referred to the earlier this year concluded This Is Us as “their attempt to persuade me to come back ever since I’ve been on Virgin River.” “Virgin River season five filming had been scheduled to begin in March but was delayed to July instead. I’m not sure if Sophie and Kevin [of This Is Us] would have gotten together if we had begun when we were supposed to.”

The good news: Virgin River season 5 has officially started filming in British Columbia as of July 18, according to What’s on Netflix. In a conversation with PureWow, the actress who plays Hope affirmed this: “To film season five in Canada, I’m actually flying out tomorrow, she said. When the news was announced, the Virgin River Instagram account posted on July 18: “For Season 5, our cast participated in a table read. It’s true what you heard, people. Production on SEASON 5 has already begun!” Despite entering the Marines at the end of the fourth season, fans were quick to point out that Ricky, played by Grayson Gurney, was present at the table read.

Virgin River’s fifth season is anticipated to follow season 4’s lead and have 12 episodes instead of the 10 episodes seen in seasons one through three.


Henderson spoke to Glamour after wrapping up the filming of the first episode of the fifth season to discuss what is coming up. “The information about babies is incredibly fascinating. We have some really nice…a lot of things are wound up and then there are a whole lot of fresh beginnings, new plot lines, etc., so obviously I’m commenting without having seen any of those actual scripts “he stated “I’m not supposed to reveal too much. I’m aware that some people relocate. Possibility of departure.”

He added: “I genuinely think that the audiences enjoy it, so I’m hoping that in season 5, we actually get to watch [Mel and Jack] grow closer through hardship rather than being forced apart. Even though there will inevitably be hiccups, it will be lovely to watch them grow and intensify their love.”

O’Toole added in remarks to Screenrant, “I’m hopeful that [Hope] would perform her mayoral duties more frequently than we’ve previously witnessed. We haven’t really seen that side of her before, but local politics are fascinating. There will also be another significant event; I’m not sure what it is yet, but there seems to be a recurring trend throughout each season that there will be a significant event that brings everyone together and is both thrilling and exciting. It’s more significant than previous occasions when we’ve simply gathered, therefore I regret that I can’t speak more about it.”

spoilers for season four of Virgin River Denny, Doc’s grandson, has Huntington’s disease, as we discovered at the conclusion of the fourth season. The actor who portrays Doc, Tim Matheson, stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that this information will obviously have an impact on his own character: “Most doctors think they could solve the problem. Conflict is present. The fact that Denny was welcomed into their house by Hope and became an integral part of their family is fantastic. Being surrounded by that love, perhaps even more than receiving medical care, is crucial for his health than medical care.”

Brie confronted her abusive ex-boyfriend Don in another scene. “I can at least confirm that Brie is a trustworthy person by saying that she keeps her promises without giving anything away. I’m unable to say where that leads her “Informed TODAY, Zibby Allen. That was not something she just stated out of the blue; it will be a part of her journey as she works to restore that aspect of her life.” In addition, she told People regarding her relationship with Brady, “I truly hope that they figure out how to navigate something that’s real.” “They certainly differ, in my opinion. They are so diverse in their backgrounds. Can they maintain it and have a true day-to-day relationship is the key question at this point. There is a huge difference between Jack and Mel. It has been successful with them. I support [Brie and Brady] as a result.”

Preacher might have killed Vince, or he might not have, as we discovered at the conclusion of season 5. Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith said to Entertainment Weekly, “I can’t tell you [if he killed him].” “We quickly recognise it as something new. In season 5, we begin immediately following that event.” He added: “That bond is really significant to me. We will definitely address and service this in season 5, not just between Preacher and Christopher but also between Preacher and Paige.”

The future of Mel and Jack is threatened by Melissa, who appears, as Sean Smith pointed out: “She was revealed to be the season’s new main antagonist. Investigating it has also been enjoyable. At her introduction, we learned so little about her personality. It has therefore been enjoyable to fill in the blanks and learn how she operates differently from the males who have traditionally handled that aspect of the show. Both Jack and many other residents of the community are in danger because of it. More about fentanyl has been revealed to me than I could have ever imagined.”

Release Date Potential

The fact that seasons three and four were made available a year apart, in July 2021 and July 2022, suggests that Netflix may plan to release one new season of the programme per year. So, if we’re lucky, season five might be available as early as July 2023.

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